The Summer 2018 Starter Pack: Basically Everything That's Trending Now

Welcome to the Starter Pack series, a Who What Wear column that dives deep into the seasonal trends everyone's talking about.

Another season is about to bite the dust, and we’re prepping our wardrobes in anticipation. There are currently tons of incredible summer product trends percolating among celebrities and influencers, and here, you’ll get to shop a handful of our all-time favorites. In case you aren’t familiar, we’ve decided to create starter packs for the seasonal items that matter most. Next up, we’re unpacking the coolest summer trends you should know about, from the ground up.

Ahead, prepare to lust after the statement-making, easy-to-wear, and practical summer items alike that we’ve spotted on basically every It girl we love. From “Cinderella” shoes to old-school logos, belted swimwear to white dresses, the shopping list before you is everything you’ll need for summer and then some.

This summer, we’re ditching our pastels and turning up the heat for neon bright hues. The more closely your clothing reminds you of a highlighter, the better. Not sure what other hues to pair with said neon shades? Try contrasting multiple at once. Sounds crazy, but it totally works. 

This trend is nothing new, but we’re loving how It girls are styling the throwback trend for summer. Between the fanny packs, bikinis, bucket hats, and tees, there basically isn’t anything with a logo on it that we don’t love.

Like it or not, shell jewelry is cool again. Accessories designers are getting creative this summer by way of the gems of the sea. Wear your favorite shells on your ears, neck, or wrist whenever you’re too busy to actually make it to the beach.

Clear PVC shoes are all the rage right now, and we’re here to convince you. First of all, they basically go with everything because they don’t have a color to clash with, they don’t have straps to cut off the natural line of your leg, they look incredible with jeans, and I’ll leave it at that. Instead of sandals, we recommend you give this transparent-shoe trend a try.

If you are looking for the perfect summer dress, a white one with puffy sleeves is your answer. This dress trend is perfect to slip into on a hot summer day with sneakers, your new Cinderella shoes, or sandals. Throw it over a bathing suit, wear it to brunch—the world truly is your oyster in this easy-going frock.

Whether you add the belt yourself or buy the suit pre-belted, this swimwear accessory is making days in the sun that much chicer. The retro-inspired style is giving us nostalgic vibes, and we are loving the extra oomph this accessory adds to a casual swimwear look.

Bucket hats are so ’90s it hurts. But you know what they say—beauty is pain. While we still love a good straw hat moment, the “cooler” hat trend of the two is undoubtedly the bucket hat, and we’re already seeing them everywhere. 

Stripes tend to go through seasonal trends of their own. Sometimes they’re nautical, sometimes they’re candy striper–inspired, but this summer, they’re rainbow. From your dresses to your trousers, there’s no color we don’t want to see racing down your wardrobe.