The Fall 2022 Starter Pack: 8 Trends Your Wardrobe Has Been Waiting For

Welcome to the Starter Pack series, a Who What Wear column that dives deep into the seasonal trends everyone's talking about.

We've been keeping track of the fall trends to know for quite some time, but the new season is in full swing, making it more exciting to shop for them. While it's fun to peruse knits and boots in August, the crisp October weather is what we need to properly make our autumnal purchases. You may have dozens of trends on your mind, but our Starter Pack series is here to narrow them down. If you're new here, this series is for gathering the fresh trends that the fashion set will be wearing IRL, rather than a runway-only focus. 

You won't find every trend here, but we've curated a list of eight that will start you off on the right foot when it comes to dressing this season. We asked all our editors, and they confirmed that these trends are the most important ones to know. All you have to do now is shop them.



We're sorry if you're tired of hearing about the return of ballet flats, but it's a trend we simply can't ignore. While some have considered the shoe style a staple for years, there's no doubt it's especially a favorite this season.



While the runways this past year had a lot of towering over-the-knee styles to show, it seems like the fashion set prefers sleek knee-high styles for now.



If the miniskirt trend was a little risqué for you, the variety of maxi hemlines on the current market will bring you joy. From leather to denim styles, there's a maxi option for everyone.

While simple in design, the right styling can make a slip dress a statement. Pile on the accessories, layer a sweater on to… The options are endless.



Leather jackets are never not trending for fall, but this time around, the focus has shifted to heavy-duty and edgy styles. Think baggier fits, tinted leather, etc.



Puddle pants are the trend that our team cannot get enough of. There's still room for tailored pants in our closets, but these days, we prefer the relaxed and more comfortable approach to trousers.

When it comes to jewelry these days, it feels like anything goes, but creative chokers stand out as an It trend.



Tiny purses are still fun for a formal event or party, but for everyday use, the fashion set is heading in a more practical direction. Whether you're on the go or heading to the office, you'll now find a large selection of totes that are both stylish and roomy.