If We're Wearing Jeans RN, It's Only One of These 6 On-Trend Styles

Denim, like anything else in fashion, follows the ebbs and flows of the trend cycle. While there are silhouettes that remain constant, key styles do increase in popularity throughout the seasons. Today, we’re here to focus on those on-trend styles. Now, we should also note that wearing jeans is not necessarily in our day-to-day at the moment with the current situation, but if we are slipping into a pair of blues, there are six specific cuts our team collectively stands behind.

With all that in mind, we rounded up imagery from some of our favorite fashion people to showcase the summer denim styles worth noting. And if you are wearing jeans at the moment or want to buy a fresh pair to try later, we’re also highlighting inspired styles to shop.

Split-Hem Jeans

Summer Denim Trends 2020: split-hem jeans



Jeans with a split-hem accent feel modern and of-the-moment for the season.

Flared Jeans

Summer Denim Trends 2020: flare jeans



It’s no secret that flared denim continues to reign supreme as a retro yet forward jean choice.

High-Waisted, Straight-Leg Jeans

Summer Denim Trends 2020: high-waisted straight-leg jeans



If we had to select our tried-and-true denim cut du jour, it would undoubtedly be a pair of classic high-waisted straight-leg jeans. You just can’t go wrong with them.

Wide-Leg White Jeans

Summer Denim Trends 2020: white jeans



While wide-leg blue jeans continue to hold strong, those silhouettes in cream and white hues are of particular interest right now.

Distressed Jeans

Summer Denim Trends 2020: distressed jeans



Sure, we love a clean denim silhouette, but those distressed cuts are where it’s at to bring a cool spin to a look.

Cuffed Jeans

Summer Denim Trends 2020: cuff jeans



A pair of pre-cuffed jeans or a style that’s long enough to make your own cuff feels sophisticated yet trendy this season.