I've Attended a Ton of Weddings as of Late—Here Are My Top Stylish Gift Ideas

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If you’re anything like us here at Who What Wear’s West Hollywood office, it probably feels like you’ve been attending a different wedding approximately every third weekend or so for the last several years. And there’s a lot to consider when turning in yet another RSVP card: your plus-one (should you be lucky enough to get one), chicken or fish, obviously your outfit (sleek suit, slinky dress, fun jumpsuit—wow, I hate making decisions), your lodging arrangements…

I have to imagine, however, that the pressure only intensifies when the wedding in question is your own. I don’t see myself tying the knot anytime soon (much to the dismay of my parents—hi, Mom!), but I’ll admit I get serious registry envy every time I start shopping for the perfect wedding gift. And as I’m currently prepping for not one, not two, but three weddings I have on my calendar for the coming months, I’ve become something of a pro at choosing gifts. Here are 10 pieces every stylish soon-to-be newlywed needs on their Macy’s Registry list stat.

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