I've Attended a Ton of Weddings as of Late—Here Are My Top Stylish Gift Ideas

Macy's Registry wedding gifts

If you’re anything like us here at Who What Wear’s West Hollywood office, it probably feels like you’ve been attending a different wedding approximately every third weekend or so for the last several years. And there’s a lot to consider when turning in yet another RSVP card: your plus-one (should you be lucky enough to get one), chicken or fish, obviously your outfit (sleek suit, slinky dress, fun jumpsuit—wow, I hate making decisions), your lodging arrangements…

I have to imagine, however, that the pressure only intensifies when the wedding in question is your own. I don’t see myself tying the knot anytime soon (much to the dismay of my parents—hi, Mom!), but I’ll admit I get serious registry envy every time I start shopping for the perfect wedding gift. And as I’m currently prepping for not one, not two, but three weddings I have on my calendar for the coming months, I’ve become something of a pro at choosing gifts. Here are 10 pieces every stylish soon-to-be newlywed needs on their Macy’s Registry list stat.

Shop My Wish List…

At the top of my personal list? Undoubtedly this cherry-red KitchenAid stand mixer, a must in every stylish home. Add it to your list now; just don’t be surprised when the gift giver arrives at your home in six months’ time to collect on your promise of fresh raspberry scones.

Like to keep things more pared back? Then the brand’s Classic Plus option is the one that you want. Available in white and silver for all you diehard minimalists aiming to keep your kitchen’s color palette looking as cool as ever.

Time to store away those mismatched pots and pans you’ve both accumulated over the years. This cheery but chic nonstick set will make the next dinner party you host a whole lot more fun (now all you need is a good cacio e pepe recipe).

Another dreamy option on the table: All-Clad’s beyond-sleek stainless steel cookware set. Consisting of 10 pieces, it’s got everything you need to whip up an Instagram-worthy brunch spread for your friends (or your new spouse).

If you’re a bit short on space (we Angelenos and New Yorkers can relate), the seven-piece All-Clad set is just as fashionable (just saying).

Those green smoothies aren’t going to whip up themselves, are they? Trade in your old clunky blender for one that’ll look great on your countertop (and in the background of your latest cooking IG).

It’s also time to freshen up your dinnerware selection, no? Personally, I’m all in on this artsy abstract minimalistic Corelle set, which offers service for four (and will look great under a nice homemade lasagna, should you be especially handy in the kitchen—and as fond of pasta as I clearly am).

Of course, every fashion girl knows the value of a neutral white matching set… This set serves six, so I’m envisioning a nice night in with your closest friends, a nice bottle of Malbec (or three), and maybe a nice homemade pizza. (See? I like to change things up once in awhile.)

And when your future in-laws come for dinner, it’s time to break out the big guns. You’re sure to make a good impression with this Corelle set, which serves eight (the more the merrier) and will help serve up that sweet potato taco recipe you’ve been perfecting as of late.

Yes, we’ve covered the kitchen, but we haven’t forgotten about the rest of your abode. Dyson’s sculptural air purifier is practically a work of art and thus won’t trip up your feng shui (and it can also serve as a fan or heater to boot).

Looking for other gifts to add to your list? Head to Macy’s Registry and get set up now.