Dressing Like an It Girl Has Never Been Easier—23 Low-Key Finds That Are So Good

Once a fashion item becomes trendy, the internet will make its popularity very apparent. Take the Valentino Tan-Go Platform Pumps or the Balenciaga Cagole bag—I couldn't swipe through my feed or browse online without seeing the two front and center. It was almost comedic.

Of course, part of an item's widespread presence has something to do with the influence of the fashion It girls. Usually the first to stumble upon something new and the first to show it on the internet, their endorsement of a piece is a clue that it's about to pop. 

Since we already dove into the biggest cult items going viral, I thought I would touch on the low-key finds endorsed by It girls that are on their way to stardom. And yes, they give big trendsetter energy. Keep clicking to see them all.

The inspiration:







The pieces: 

Phlemuns is one of those "if you know, you know" brands. Trust me—all of the cool people know and love these cargo pants.

Miaou might as well be the opposite of low-key right now given its visibility on countless tastemakers, but this print is fairly new and still under the radar.

The indie brand finally is available on Nordstrom.

Urban Outfitters is a great source for cool cargo pants. 

Siedrés is definitely on my vacation-outfit shopping list. The quirky silhouettes and bright patterns are enough to instantly boost your mood.

I predicted heart pendants were coming back from the dead last year, and here we are.

I was clued into the anatomical-print trend late last year via influencers who couldn't stop wearing the Jean Paul Gaultier–esque pieces.

Tights are really having a moment as a trendy piece all on their own, and it's glorious to witness.

The versatility of this shirt is unmatched, which is probably why it's so beloved by insiders.

If it's not a matching set, fashion people aren't wearing it.

Tube tops are an It-girl spring essential.

This top is such a throwback to the early aughts, which feels fitting for the Y2K wave that's spreading among the fashion crowd.

Glenn Martens's Diesel is unstoppable in 2022.

I'm such a fan of the New York–based jeweler, and so are plenty of tastemakers.

Everyone loves this dress, and the neckline alone is enough to see why.

While the designer's signature flared heels constantly sell out, Amina Muaddi's crystal-embellished stilettos are another find It girls love.