I Asked My Fashion Crew for the New Trends That Are Defining Their Wardrobes

I Asked My Fashion Crew for the New Trends That Are Defining Their Wardrobes

My Fashion Crew showcases a group of inspiring tastemakers along with the trends and shopping lists that guide their personal wardrobes.

Learning about personal style from different points of view is what makes fashion so enchanting and captivating to me. So I'm always interested in chatting with different people to uncover how they define their style for inspiration. On that note, I actually tapped a few fashion people I follow on Instagram to learn more about their sartorial journey.

The fashion crew in question shared the key trends they're gravitating towards right now to round out their wardrobes. These are pieces that truly speak to them and more or less take their existing offerings to the next level. As a preview, I'm talking about items like relaxed tailoring and comfy shoe silhouettes.

Below you'll find mood boards that showcase each style setter's fashion a bit more, along with more information on their go-to trends. If you're interested in incorporating one of the items into your own wardrobe, there are also inspired shopping picks. 

Oversize Blazers

"For me, I think blazers are very easy to style. They are very chic and classic at the same time, and you can dress one up or down."

Crop Tops

"Crop tops are so on trend this summer, and I'm loving every bit of it. They are very easy to style because I'm all about the effortless look."

Suits With Sneakers

"Although not so new of a trend, wearing sneakers with a suit (whether relaxed or tailored fit) is not only comfortable but edgy and stylish."


"The sweater-vest has made a huge comeback, and I'm so here for it. I usually wear it without a tee underneath but feel free to wear one if you'd like. It looks great with jeans, shorts, and even with nicely tailored pants. I would recommend getting a solid color for more outfit options."

Relaxed Collared Shirts

"An oversize collared shirt reminds me of being wrapped in a blanket."

Loose Tailoring

"No matter how much I try to transition over to a more fitted suit, I always end back up at the relaxed cut. There's something about the level of comfort that I'm not willing to part ways with."

Summer outfits for women



Bermuda Shorts

"I've been loving Bermuda shorts. For the summertime, I'll be opting for denim, prints, or beige tones for a more elevated feel. I like to pair them with asymmetrical-shaped tops or textured tops for a touch of modernity."

Linen Sets

"Linen is by far my summer material of choice as it combines comfort and style. I love a good ensemble, whether it be a shirt-trousers set or blazer-shorts set, each piece is bound to be versatile and easily matched with the rest of my wardrobe."

Bucket Hats

"Okay, so I was always not so keen on bucket hats, however, recently, I took the plunge, and now I'm obsessed."

White Tube Socks

"White socks go with everything! Whether you're wearing shorts, trousers, or jeans."

Men's suiting ideas



Staple Jeans and Blazers

"For me, it always starts with a wardrobe essential from a classic tailored blazer, a pair of jeans, to a classic shirt and tie, then adding contemporary or streetwear-inspired items to finish the look."

Neutral-Toned and Leather Pieces

"I'm currently enjoying playing with neutral tones, athleisure, and leather at the moment."


Colorful outfit ideas for women



Bright Separates

"The colorful and bright combination is a trend I'm really into this season since we need a bit of fun after a year of lockdown. It's time to celebrate every day and go all-in by mixing patterns, prints, and colors for a happy touch."

Comfortable Shoes

"Hugely comfortable shoes are a trend I love. Loafers, platform loafers, and Birkenstocks make everything so relaxed and laid back. Again you can add different items depending on the time of day and event. Mixing the laid-back shoes with an elegant dress or a suit is something I really love."

Crossbody Bags

"We've been seeing fanny packs and crossbody bags for a while now, but it's great to see so many more bag options for guys. During summer, when you don't always have pockets, it's great to have somewhere to keep your stuff—plus it just makes your outfits that much cooler."


"I love wearing hats, but bandanas are just a fun way to give any look a bit of a 'cool' vibe, whether it's a full sweatsuit with a bandana, a cool casual suit with sneakers, a tank, and a bandana, or even back to a silky button-up and trousers."