8 Summer Trends I Love But My Husband Hates


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Dramatic sleeves. Over-the-top collars with embroidery. Itty-bitty, teeny-tiny bags just because. Colorful and crafty jewelry that's smile-inducing. Right now, we're all just trying to find the joy in things, and for me, that's summer and the fresh batch of trends that comes with it.

Think about it: You're basically getting a new opportunity to choose your own adventure when it comes to getting dressed. While I love experimenting with new styles, I mostly wear things I know I love and that make me feel my best, even if those things don't vibe well with my husband. Not that I need his approval by any means, but I'm just amused by his take on the seasonal trends I love and he, well, hates. No amount of hate on his part will get in the way of me wearing what I want when I want, but since we all could use a laugh these days, I thought it was only appropriate to share my husband's commentary (it's gold) on the eight summer trends I'm totally into that he despises.

Puff-Sleeve Dresses


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My POV: Puff-sleeve dresses are the dramatic yet polished trend that just won't quit. But I'm not mad about it, not one bit. They're comfortable, romantic, and perfect for lying around in.

My Husband's POV: "If these sleeves were any bigger, they'd put you at risk of being blown away by a light breeze. Total safety hazard."

Dramatic Collars 


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My POV: I'm sorry, but there are just too many good blouses right now with oversize collars. Ruffles make them romantic, eyelets make them classic, and don't even get me started on embroidery. Whatever the design, they almost always look good with a pair of distressed jeans, open-toe sandals, and layered jewelry.

My Husband's POV: "I like vintage as much as the next person, but I think the Renaissance is pushing it."

Baggy Jeans


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My POV: I love the laid-back look of baggy jeans, especially when paired with a padded tank. It's the perfect summer uniform if you ask me.

My Husband's POV: "There are apartments in New York with less space than these jeans."

Oversize Overshirts 


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My POV: I love anything oversize, but right now, I can't get enough of boxy tops. There are just so many styling possibilities: wear them open over tanks and jeans, use them as swim cover-ups, or tie them into crop tops with linen pants.

My Husband's POV: "Yes, the quality I want from my clothes is for them to not fit… I used to dress like this when I was forced to wear hand-me-downs from my older brother, who is a foot taller than me."

Teeny-Tiny Bags


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My POV: I love bags, plain and simple. I've mostly been focused on small or medium-sized styles for—I don’t know—the last year. So for summer, it only makes sense that I'm drawn to teeny-tiny styles that come in the form of necklaces and handheld coin purses. If there's a time for me to embrace this trend, it's now when going out and about isn't really a thing.

My Husband's POV: "If I had a nickel for every time I've told my wife that I don't like these bags, I wouldn't be able to fit my change in them. (I've told her once.)"

Crafty, Kid-Inspired Jewelry


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My POV: I'm a jewelry gal—always have been and always will be. I have my usual gold pieces I wear daily, but I've become obsessed with crafty styles that take me back to being a kid. Think plastic beads, shells, and charms with pops of color. They're simple ways to bring some joy to any summer outfit.

My Husband's POV: "If you saw the way I dressed when I was young, you would reconsider taking style inspiration from kids."

Bermuda Shorts


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My POV: Bermuda shorts have been in the spotlight for a few summers now, but I'm just hopping on the bandwagon. From casual denim to easy linen and leather, you can wear any of 'em with a bodysuit or matching blazer for a new twist on the classic suit.

My Husband's POV: "They're literally called shorts, not longs. Pick a lane, Bermuda."

Matrix-Esque Sunglasses


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My POV: I've always had a thing for sunglasses, so it's no surprise that I have a vast collection of styles. While my go-to is a pair of round Ray-Ban aviators, I'm eager to add a few small, angular pairs to my collection. They're equal parts edgy and cool.

My Husband's POV: "People have a hard enough time dressing for this reality. Can we not over-complicate things with wardrobes from alternate ones?"

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