People Call Me the Queen of Amazon—16 Things I Tell All My Friends to Buy

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If you read Who What Wear regularly, you know that we're always on the hunt for what's really worth adding to cart from Amazon. We could spend all day putting together guides on the fashion finds that look like they could be from Zara and the leggings with the best reviews. But with an endless—and I do mean endless—selection, there's no way we'll be familiar with everything on offer, so we're turning to someone who knows a thing or two about stylish (and potentially life-changing) Amazon items.

Enter Christina Najjar, AKA Tinx. If you're on TikTok, you've probably come across her hilarious videos but even if you're unaware, let me intro you. She's garnered over 600K followers on the app for her spot-on celebrity gossip rants and sharing vlogs of her day with her signature mini mic in hand, but she's also low-key the queen of Amazon recommendations. "If you're wondering if I spend all day on Amazon," she shared in recent video, "the answer is yes." I'll be the first to admit that her content has been the reason I've gone into many wormholes on the app. But hey, at least I'm coming out of it with plenty of shopping ideas to show for, right?

From the famous Kardashian blanket to the leggings she swears "feel like butter", Tinx shared her ultimate Amazon shopping list and, shocker, it's really good. Scroll down for the must-haves she swears will make your life better and watch a few of her TikToks throughout.


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Tinx's Amazon must-haves:

"These leggings are so soft they feel like butter, they're really flattering and don’t pill in the wash. I wear them almost every day."

"It is my personal belief that Amazon bikinis are the best-kept secret of all time. I get tons of bikinis from Amazon because you can see the reviews on real bodies and they are cheap. Bikinis get ruined after one summer anyway. Paired with a sarong and some gold hoops, this one is perfect."

"These sunglasses are magical—they look good on absolutely every face shape. They also look designer and I get so many compliments when I wear them."


"No softer blanket exists. The Kardashian blanket does not disappoint it feels like a squishy cloud."


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"These are the slippers I did a viral TikTok about! Not to be dramatic but they will change your life. They are so cozy and perfect. I am a loungewear enthusiast."

"I am obsessed with this diffuser. I have one in my bedroom and one in my living room. It looks like a chic space ship and makes your house smell amazing."

"So random—I initially bought this to be more like Diplo but now I wear this every time I go to the beach. It looks worn in and cool and shields my face from the sun."

"These leggings look really crazy in the picture but just wait until you try them on. I promise they will make your butt look so good. I may never wear real pants again!"

"This cup caused quite the stir when I made a TikTok about it! I learned about it from Victoria’s Secret models (story another time) and it is a truly transformative purchase. You will not be disappointed."

"These coffee mugs are beautiful. I have coffee in them every morning and they just make me really happy to look at in my house."

"Before I got these, I thought they were pointless since AirPods already come in a case, but I was wrong. It's so nice to keep them on your keys and have them wherever you go. It also feels really smooth in your hand."

"Such a good mood setter. They’re supposed to be stress-relieving too. One time I licked it and it is indeed made of real salt."


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"No matter how old you are, the TikTok lights are amazing. I bought them in a fever dream in the middle of lockdown wanting to be more like the young TikTokers and now I have them in every room in my house. They are amazing to fall asleep to."

"These are great to have around the house—you can put them on coffee tables or serve snacks and they just look really chic and clean. Also, make great gifts!"

"My favorite hot sauce. Goes on everything and makes a great gift for people who love the spice."

"I love looking down in the morning having a coffee and seeing a heart. So cute! Fun fact: you can also drink wine out of these"

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