7 Fall Styling Tricks to Steal From Zara

You type in "Zara.com," the page loads, and you're immediately primed to shop. Yes, we know Zara has a magical way of convincing us to pick out a little something new. But part of the site's genius—something we don't acknowledge enough—is that it's not just the clothing that inspire us, it's the way each look is styled.

The fast-fashion retailer has mastered creative, cool, and novel ways of wearing some of fall's biggest trends, and each time we head to the site to browse new arrivals, we're actually inspired to give new ensembles a try, using pieces we actually already own. Whether it's simply a matter of how your jacket hangs or it's fresh ways to mix and match, if you're craving outfit inspiration for the coming months, Zara seems to have exactly what you need. 

Read on for a break down of seven styling tricks to steal from Zara this month, and if you want to shop them, you can do that too! 

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