I'm Obsessed With Streetwear—Here Are the 11 Cool 'Fits I'm Saving

When I first started getting into fashion, streetwear was what always inspired me and drew me closer to the fashion world, as it was something I could relate to. As someone who prioritizes comfort over everything and is a modest dresser, I've always gravitated toward streetwear-inspired trends. The style often incorporates looser silhouettes and creative layering, and that always makes me feel good about myself and didn't drive me away from my comfort zone. The fashion industry has taken a large interest in streetwear in the past few years, with the growing popularity leading to multiple collaborations and product launches that continue to increase in hype.

If you're also a streetwear lover and are looking for some inspiration for your wardrobe this year, you've come to the right place. I scoured the internet for the best streetwear outfits I could find and everything you'll need to get the look, from sleek sunglasses to cargo pants, dad hats, trendy sneakers, and more. Keep scrolling for your daily dose of cool 'fits.


(Image credit: @kristengracelam)

I love how sneakers can transform any outfit—even one like this—into a casual ensemble. If you're getting tired of the dress-and-sandals combo, pairing an airy frock with sneakers can never steer you wrong.


(Image credit: @kingkhadija)

The "skirt over pants" trend was seen plenty on the fall/winter 2022 runways, but the outfit ensemble is starting to trickle into the fashion set even now.


(Image credit: @anaasaber)

Double denim is a classic among the fashion set. It's an easy outfit that will always look put-together. Keep it casual with clean white sneakers.


(Image credit: @champagnemani)

While a look including a sweater-vest, a button-down, and trousers may seem a little more dressed up, pairing the outfit with cool sneakers and a fun hat will make things a little bit more relaxed. 


(Image credit: @misodam)

Cargo pants are the 2022 trend that I haven't stopped seeing on my Instagram feed.


(Image credit: @aude_julie)

A closet staple your wardrobe needs this spring? A lightweight quilted jacket for the transitional weather ahead. I love how it takes something as simple as cream-colored jeans and sneakers to a whole new level.


(Image credit: @torivanbreugel)

I've been reluctant to hop on the Y2K-trucker-hat trend, but this outfit has me convinced.


(Image credit: @claire_most)

While it may be getting warm enough out to go without a jacket, a vest is the perfect piece of outerwear for spring. Also, this look is a perfect example of how an all-neutral outfit doesn't have to be boring.


(Image credit: @iitsrhe)

Cargo pants don't have to be casual, and the above outfit is proof. Stick to a tonal color palette with a neutral sweater and heels.


(Image credit: @elizagracehuber)

The bomber jacket has made a full-swing comeback, and while I love the basic ones, a standout racer option is a fun addition to anyone's wardrobe. 


(Image credit: @meganadelaide)

Sometimes, the easiest outfits turn out to be the best ones. Layer a blazer over a simple tank and trousers and you've got yourself a look. Don't forget the sneakers and baseball hat for a sporty touch.

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