No Time for Vacation? Wear This Instead

We’re all about planning every detail of our vacations—researching restaurants and making reservations, buying show tickets, and finding the best (and most Instagram-worthy) spots to hit months in advance of our departure. If we’re saving up our PTO (not to mention our funds), we might as well make the most of our trip—but what about all of the cool sites and scenes in our own cities? We always say we’ll make it to a new gallery or restaurant, but somehow we end up back in our comfort zones every weekend.

With summer winding down, now is the perfect time to make like a tourist closer to home—any activity outside of your usual day-to-day is fair game. Keep things chic but practical by planning your outfit around shoes that are equal parts stylish and comfortable (we’ve been turning to New Balance’s Fresh Foam Arishi sneakers) and a hands-free bag. The best part about a staycation? No weight limit to our outfit options (and no worrying if we forgot to pack our underwear).

Whether you actually request time off or not, we’ve got you covered with three vacation-worthy activities to plan in your own city (and the outfits to match).

Check Out a New Exhibit

museum day outfit

We’re always telling ourselves we’ll spend a Saturday browsing art galleries and museums, but before we know it, tickets are sold out, or the exhibition has finished and we’ve missed our chance. Sign up for e-newsletters that will keep you up-to-date with what’s coming up at your local art museum, and make a point of pulling the trigger to snap up tickets in advance. The occasion calls for a more elevated look than your typical weekend ensemble, so we suggest a midi-length skirt in a rich hue and fun textured earrings. Just make sure to swap out your go-to sandals in favor of equally stylish sneakers that are lightweight since you’re bound to be on your feet all day.

Explore an Unfamiliar Neighborhood

dress and sneakers outfit

Get active while exploring a new area. Hit a neighborhood you don’t normally spend much time in, and prepare to wander in search of coffee, lunch, cute shops, and great spots you never knew you were missing out on. Wear something you can move in and shoes that won't hurt no matter how long you're walking around town—and while you’re at, it you might as well track your miles.

Plan a Picnic in the Park

picnic outfit

You wouldn’t question packing a picnic and kicking back underneath the Eiffel Tower in Paris, so why not plan something similar in your own city? Whether you prepare a platter with your significant other or simply dine on takeout with friends, make the effort to travel a little out of your way and spread out somewhere scenic. A breezy top, a woven bag, distressed denim, and cool-girl sneakers give off the perfect weekend-ready vibe for this daytime adventure.

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