Why This Cult Los Angeles Brand Is About to Get Big

Staud is one of those under-the-radar brands that slowly seeps into fashion girls’ consciousness one Instagram at a time. I first became aware of the line when I scrolled past a picture of Alexa Chung sporting the brand’s now-staple Bissett bag, double-tapped, and immediately added it to my cart. The brand also caught the eye of Net-a-Porter’s senior buyer, Lisa Aiken, through social media. “Ever since, I’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to do something special,” says Aiken. Just what is that something special? An exclusive capsule collection with Net-a-Porter, marking the first time the line will be shoppable via a multi-brand retailer.

When I broke the news in the office, all the editors collectively grinned. Indeed, the announcement marks an exciting time for Staud and for fans of the brand alike (myself included). The line is a little over a year old and already has cult status among in-the-know women. Breaking onto the larger shopping scene seems like an intuitive next step. Staud’s George Augusto confirms: “It was always our dream to launch on Net-a-Porter.” Business partner, Sarah Staudinger adds, “It’s the perfect segue into the wholesale market.”

To help announce the capsule, I test-drove some of my favorite items and chatted with Staudinger about her take on each piece. Scroll down to see the shoot!

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