16 Small Things That Actually Make Me Feel Über Luxe

16 Home, Wellness, Tech, and Active Items From Ssense

When stay-at-home orders first started, I decided it was time to elevate the everyday parts of my life. If I was going to be spending so much time in my apartment, I wanted everything I touched to make me feel luxe. I switched my water bottles, bought a chic blanket for my couch, grabbed a new perfume to be my work-from-home scent, started using cute weights for my workouts—just a bunch of little things that would make me smile throughout the many hours of the day. Even though things are looking brighter, and I'm not home quite as much, I'm still keeping up with my new shopping habit because it honestly just makes me happy. The best place I've found to scoop up all these mini, but majorly effective, items? Ssense. It seriously is such a treat to scroll through the array of cool brands and add 'em all into my cart. Want to see what I mean? Keep scrolling for things you'll want to add to your life ASAP.