8 Trends That Are Worth the Hype (And 8 That Aren't)

As a someone who writes about trends for a living, it's easy to see something splashes all over the internet and want it for myself. From viral Mango sherpa jackets to Italian heritage house-inspired orb earrings, I'm always susceptible to a trend my editor friends and colleagues are raving about— even if I wasn't fully convinced to begin with. 

Now that we're solidly into 2023, I'm rethinking my frivolous nature when it comes to trying new trends. Instead of throwing my metaphorical money out of the window in order to hunt down a piece of clothing or accessory that will barely last me a season, I've begun shopping my own closet and examining why I'm buying the things I'm buying. We all can use a reminder sometime: am I buying this because I actually like it? Or am I buying this just because I've seen it on my TikTok #FYP at least 25 times this week? More than often, it's usually the later. 

Allow me to de-influence you: you don't need that Stanley cup, nor that viral Miu Miu skirt set, nor the Rare Beauty blush (even if it is one of the best pieces of makeup I own.) This spring is all about making smart choices as shoppers, and frankly, I'm all for it. Bye bye, irresponsibility!

Below, i'm breaking down the 8 ill-fated micro-trends I'm leaving behind this spring (even if they're super cute) in favor of 8 trends I think will actually stand the test of time.

Worth It: Full Skirts



Another year has come and gone in a post Miu Miu-mini fashion world. While I loved and appreciated the viral set for what it was, let's face it: she was impractical. While I love a low-rise jean here or there, a hip-hugging cut and extra teenie hemline isn't the best idea for transitional weather. Instead, I'm buying maxi hemlines since they're a smart investment into my wardrobe, easily working throughout my winter, spring, and fall clothing options. 

As much as I'm a Chanel fan through and through, I'm over wearing tweed for the spring. While I still love a tweed jacket or two, I'm keeping it on my jackets this spring. Instead of reaching for my fabric bags and shoes that remind me too much of winter, I'm opting instead for metallic elements that add a pop of dimension to my outfits. If you're looking to rewear that metallic handbag you wore once during New Year's Eve and be more conscious of your consumption, this is your sign.

Worth It: '90s Sunnies



As much as sporty shades have had their moment, I'm transitioning back to my tried-and-true minimalist silhouette sunglasses to get me through the spring. If you don't already have a pair of everyday frames in black, gold, or tortoise shell, these pairs should be on your radar (and will last well beyond a season or two).

Worth It: Straight-Leg Denim

Long gone are the days of jeans two sizes too big. Instead, I'm going back to my jeans that will fit me perfectly year after year. It's important to find a pair of jeans that fits you and your body (and even harder if you're not a standard size!) so instead of wasting your money on cool girl denim trends, try searching for a pair that will grow with you beyond this spring.

Although my Ginza sandals from The Row are my guilty pleasure, there's something too trendy about padded fashion flip-flops. While I appreciate them for what they are in the spring and summer for certain occasions, there's no need to buy more than a pair or two. Instead of buying into this trendy as the warmer starts warming up, buy yourself a pair of flat leather sandals that will go with anything in your spring closet.

Worth It: Red Accents

While black is one of the more chic color palettes fashion people love, there's no reason to embrace the gothic look year-round. While I'm all for a Parisian-inspired monochrome look, spring is the perfect opportunity to play around with colors. After red was spotted on major runways (and our editors!) throughout fashion month, one thing is for certain: the trend is more than just all bark.

Worth It: Trench Coats



Bye bye, Matrix. While leather trench coats can be good for a season or two, I personally find them much harder to wear than my other longer coats— especially when the temperatures hit 50 degrees. Instead of buying into it, let me convince you instead to pick up a versatile camel-colored trench coat. They're a classic for a reason and will never go out of style as fast as they come in. 



Maybe this is a self-drag since I own too many ironic handbags already, but now that my collection has skyrocketed, I'm reaching for timeless, minimalist handbag silhouettes instead. Not only will they go with anything in your wardrobe, but they're a much smarter investment on the secondhand market.