I'm in My Late 30s, and These 8 Spring Trends Appeal to Me the Most

I may feel (and sometimes dress) like I'm in my 20s, but alas, I'm turning 38 in a few short months. When it comes to personal style, I see age as just a number, as cliché as that sounds. I don't think there are things you should and shouldn't wear just because of your age, so this story won't be about that. 

Now that I've reached this age, I've found that I understand what I like to wear and what works for me better than ever. When I was younger, I'd sort of just take the approach of trying whatever trends were the brightest and shiniest, regardless of whether or not they suited my aesthetic. 

Since the springs of 2020 and 2021 were pretty anti-social, I mostly shopped for loungewear, sneakers, and house shoes. But now that my calendar is looking a lot more like it did pre-pandemic, I'm in the market for some new trend-forward pieces to add to my wardrobe.

In case you're curious, scroll to shop the eight trends that immediately caught my attention and will be major components of my wardrobe this season.


Spring 2022 trends: orange



I'm actually surprised by how into orange I am. So much so that I wrote an entire story about how I previously said I'd never wear it. But I've already bought multiple orange pieces this season, and I'm ready for more.


Spring 2022 trends: lilac



Unlike orange, I'm not surprised at all that I'm into lilac. It's been my favorite color forever, so bring it on.

Fisherman Sandals

Spring 2022 trends: fisherman sandals



Another trend I wrote an entire story on, fisherman sandals are the buzziest sandals on the scene for spring. I've already placed an order.


Spring 2022 trends: preppy



Dressing like a '90s prepster is a thing right now, and it's a refreshing departure from the Y2K looks that are everywhere.

Spring 2022 trends: bomber jacket



Bomber jackets are back, and I'm pretty happy about it. This time around, they're very oversize and slouchy. I've been seeing this trend on my Instagram feed multiple times a day.

Cargo Pants

I was into cargo pants the last time they were cool, so I'm not surprised that I'm on board again. This time around, they're loose, low, and comfortable.

Platform Shoes

Spring 2022 trends: platform shoes



Until very recently, I actually swore I wouldn't wear platform shoes, but I've come around. While the toweringly high pairs probably won't make their way into my wardrobe, I'm on the hunt for a more moderate pair.

The coolest thing to wear with platform shoes right now? You guessed it—a miniskirt. While Miu Miu makes ultra-tiny low-rise skirts a thing, I'm on the hunt for options that are a little more wearable.