21 Turf Friendly Spring Racing Heels

The most exciting part about spring racing is undoubtedly buying something new to wear.  The dress is fun but can cause anxiety due to fit, dress code and fear of showing up in the same outfit as someone else. But shoes? Well, there’s a reason Carrie Bradshaw was so obsessed. They’ll always fit, you'll definitely wear them again after race day, and they can take a dress that’s on the simple side, to the next level.

The hardest part is making sure they’re the right pair. What’s comfortable on someone else, may not work on you, so try them on before the day to make sure your feet won't be screaming. For ensuring comfort all day long, we spoke to celebrity stylist Kelly Smythe. “Foot insurance. It’s all about prevention over cure! My tip is to apply a covering layer of Paw Paw Ointment to your toes before you pop on your heels and then reapplying every four hours—you’ll survive with no pain.”

We’ve gone ahead and done most of the hard work for you and found 21 heels that won’t sink into the green. Keep scrolling to shop our favourite pairs.

What shoes will you be buying for spring racing? Let us know in the comments below!

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