The Nail Color You Should Wear This Spring, According to Your Taste in Rings

On the hunt for your next signature nail shade? We got you. Nail brands are coming out with so many dope nail colors for spring 2019, and according to celebrity nail artists, Instagram, and the runways, primary colors, unique opalescent hues, and metallics seem to be topping the nail color trends this season. But how do you know which products to buy? We figured what better way to help fashion girls find their trademark nail vibe than by basing it on their taste in rings? After all, the accessories we choose on our fingers every day say something about our aesthetic in general. So here you have it: Our guide to the spring 2019 nail color you should wear, based on your favorite type of ring. Keep scrolling to find the shade for you.

If you like delicate, stackable rings…

…try a soft neutral (or several at once). 

Dainty, no-frills rings like these are such a vibe. Why ruin it with a flashy nail color? Stick with the chill aesthetic, and opt for a neutral. Or if you want to get a little more playful, celebrity manicurist Steph Stone recently told me she's been digging the mismatched-neutrals look lately—as in, a different taupe, cream, gray, or muted pink shade on every nail. (Trust me. It's cute. Here's proof.)

If you like oversize statement rings…

…try a vibrant coral.

A feminine but bold ring style calls for a feminine but bold nail color (especially because neons and brights are at the top of the nail trend charts for spring 2019). Translation: this patently shiny new release from Butter London's Pantone Color of the Year collection.

If you like dainty crystal rings…

…try a chunky glitter.

If you dig the pretty astrology-inspired rings that have been trending lately, may we suggest opting for a transparent glitter nail polish (or glitter topper with no polish underneath)? The subtle sparkle of the ring will pair well with the flecks of glitter in the polish without ever being too over-the-top.

If you like chunky modern rings…

…try a shimmery lavender.

Cool, contemporary, and statement-making but still low-key: If that's your ring mood, then nothing too neutral or too glitzy will do. Meet in the middle with a unique nail shade like this newly released, multidimensional lavender from Londontown, which is perfectly on trend with the many opalescent nail polishes we're seeing this season.

If you like bejeweled costumey rings…

…try a vibrant yellow.

Why do the least when you can do the most? Bright yellow is my personal favorite nail color trend of spring 2019, especially this scrumptious new shade from Chanel. By no coincidence, I also own and am obsessed with a Gucci costume ring.

If you like classic silver rings…

…try an old-school pink.

More into silver jewelry and traditional jewelry styles? Gotta go with retro pink nails. This muted blush shade from Jinsoon is a classic. Its cool undertones will complement the silver palette perfectly.

If you like witchy rings with stones…

…try a dark metallic.

Foils and metallics have also been all over Instagram and runway nails as of late. If your ring collection features chunkier, more gothic styles, a deep-toned metallic like this dark green from Essie's spring 2019 collection is totally the nail trend you should try.

If you like artsy, sculptural rings…

…try a pearlescent white.

I personally love mixing silver and gold jewelry, especially in the form of cool sculptural rings, like these fun creations from Alex Jewelry Studio. Pair these special pieces with a complex opalescent shade, like Zoya's Leia (a sheer, luminous white with flecks of pink, green, and gold), which almost looks different every time the light hits it. 

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