I Have 5 Trips Coming Up—Here's Every Spring Basic Trend I'm Buying for Them

I don't think I'm alone in saying that I put more thought into what I wear when I travel than I do for any other occasion in life, so planning ahead when I have a trip coming up is paramount. Luckily, I have quite a few trips on my calendar over the next several trips and retailers are busy stocking up on all the spring trends, so I can't think of a better reason to start shopping for pieces to pack.

I always strive for versatility when I pack for trips, so much of what I focus on shopping for is in the basics realm. And although it may seem like the newest hot-off-the-runway trends are always bold and statement-making, that's hardly the case. Many of spring 2020's biggest trends fall squarely in the basics camp. As such, keep scrolling to shop the denim, tees, shoes, accessories and more that deserve a place in your suitcase this season and beyond.

The Suitcase I'm Packing

Away's first-ever expandable suitcase is perfect for serial over-packers such as myself.

The Trends I'm Packing

Flared Jeans

The '70s are back (on the runways, at least), and sightly flared jeans are perhaps the easiest way to embrace the trend. Since half of my suitcase is usually reserved for denim, I'll definitely make room for a pair of flares.

Hobo Bags

I'm smitten with the wave of '90s-inspired bag trends on the market. It's become quite clear that hobo shoulder bags are the trend to own this spring, and it happens to be a great, easy-to-carry style for travel.

'70s Sunglasses

Gone are the days of tiny futuristic frames. These days, oversized retro frames are the easiest way to add freshness to your outfits.

Polo Tops

You can never have too many easy tops to throw on and go when traveling, and this season, polos are the shirt trend to prioritize. Bonus: They take up minimal space in a suitcase.

Utility Jackets

You don't need to actually be going on a safari to invest in this safari-inspired trend. It's the perfect lightweight cover-up no matter where you're headed.


Loafers are one of those rare trends that are timeless and also trendy. And since they're my favorite flats style always and forever, I'll be wearing them constantly when traveling.

Denim Skirts

It's inevitable that denim skirts will make a comeback every few years, and this time around, they're on the longer side. Perfect for travel on days when I need a break from jeans.


A vest doesn't really serve a functional purpose per se, but it effortlessly adds interest to any outfit it's layered over. Exactly what I need when traveling.

Baseball Caps

This is one of my personal favorite spring trends. It's cheap, won't get ruined in your suitcase, and even protects your skin from the sun.

Bermuda Shorts

I hate wearing anything short when I'm traveling, so I'm quite relieved that long shorts are cool now. I'll dress mine down with sneakers for sightseeing and up with heels for nights out.

Socks With Everything

The cool way to wear shoes (even the most unexpected like style, like loafers) now is with cool socks. What was once considered "nerdy" is now chic. I, for one, love that it'll likely prevent blisters when walking a ton on trips.

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