Babouche Shoes to Puddle Leg: Our Spring 2016 Dictionary Is Here to Help

S/S 16 is an adventurous season, chock-full of exciting new trends, eccentric styling ideas, and experimental new labels, and what happens naturally with such developments is a new wave of inside terminology that wraps each look up with a bow, a label and a big ole opportunity to brag. Of course there's a new shoe trend or two that requires precise nomenclature (we won't dare to simply call these pointed flat slippers mere flats!) and a new trouser length that requires some attention.

In order for you to wax lyrical on the fresh runway and street terminology, we've created a fast-track dictionary, complete with the items you can shop in order to talk the talk as well as walk the walk.

Scroll down to get a handle on spring's new lingo…


#1: Puddle Leg
(Image credit: Style du Monde)

Definition: When your trousers are so long and so baggy that they pool over your shoes. May inevitably cause a more literal take on puddle leg should you wear them out in the rain… but this does save your tailor a job or two for spring!


#2: Cosplay
(Image credit: Victor Virgile/Getty Images)

Definition: Brought to life on the Louis Vuitton runway by some seriously stylish cyber-boho punks, cosplay is actually an abbreviation of costume play—the pastime of people who want to dress up and reenact their favourite characters, cartoons or anime. LV has a futuristic snake-print boot that's actually called the Cosplay and hitting stores soon.


#3: Lamé
(Image credit: Victor Virgile/Getty Images)

Definition: Lamé is the long-lost metallic fabric that made up 95% of all 1980s ensembles (well, maybe). It's back, it's being used for everything—from pleated skirts, like Sacai above, through to glitzy evening dresses. It's no longer an after-dark-only affair, so proudly wear your lamé along with Lurex, foil and sequins in the day.

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#4: Babouche Shoes
(Image credit: Catwalking/Getty Images)

Definition: Babouche shoes look super flat and super pointed and slide onto your feet. They're traditionally Moroccan slippers, but they've been given a major fashion-over by the likes of Céline (above). Style bloggers are stocking up on the lower-priced, authentic North African styles.


#5: Shalter Neck
(Image credit: Victor Virgile/Getty Images)

Definition: The shalter neck is one we've coined ourselves due to an omnipresent runway style that mixes halterneck and exposed-shoulder styles together. We're sure it will save us time going forward, because this, dear readers, is going to be one of the most important things to buy this year—it suits everyone


#6: Fussbetts
(Image credit: Victor Virgile/Getty Images)

Definition: Fussbetts are the technical name for basic shoes—and no one does them better than Marni! So these may look like your average chunky flat sandals, but start throwing this word into conversations and watch ears prick up.

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#7: Poet's Blouse
(Image credit: Antonio de Moraes Barros Filho/Getty Images)

Definition: Even more romantic than anything boho or a retro pussy bow, the poet's blouse is flouncy to the maximum, trailing chiffon or cotton in its wake and being more voluminous in size. Can be worn tucked into high-waisted trousers or billowing over skinnier pants.


#8: Half-Moon Handbags
(Image credit: Victor Virgile/Getty Images)

Definition: It's a straightforward one, right? Half-moon handbags have been spotted at Victoria Beckham (pictured here) as well as Mansur Gavriel—and we all know just how influential the two can be. Watch this (half moon–shaped) space.


#9: MA-1
(Image credit: Melodie Jeng/Getty Images)

Definition: The MA-1 bomber jacket was the first genuine military flight jacket to cross over from the air forces into the fashion psyche, and it's enjoying quite a moment in the sun right now. For a genuine version to garner nods from those in the know, you need to head to Alpha Industries

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#10: Bias Cut
(Image credit: Catwalking/Getty Images)

Definition: When designers cut on the bias, it means they're shifting a woven fabric to be diagonal rather than allowing the weave to run straight up and down the body; this essentially means it curves around your figure—just how a classic silk-satin slip dress should do! There's no denying just how important the slip dress is going to be on the sartorial landscape this season, so now you know how to convincingly bang on about it.


#11: Sock Boots
(Image credit: Kay-Paris Fernandes/Getty Images)

Definition: Saving everyone time getting ready in the morning, welcome the sock-attached-to-boot idea. Never again shall the two pieces be separated! Vêtements is one in a long line of designers to experiment with these pull-on styles, but its version is definitely most dedicated to proper geek-chic socks.

Which of the new seasonal trends are you most excited about trying? Shout out in the comments box below.

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