4 Sneaker Trends You Might See More Than Simple White Trainers This Spring

Fashion sneakers (read: generally non-functional) are in a league of their own with trends that ebb and flow with the changing of the seasons. Sure, there are some fashion girl–approved classics that will never die like clean white trainers and lace-up high tops, but the sneaker experience is just as much a trend turnover as anything else in the community. And spring 2020 is bringing in a whole new class of playful sneaker styles.

Before you get too excited, the "ugly" sneaker trend is still holding strong, but there are more variations on the silhouette than ever before. It seems that last year's colorful array of Adidas Falcons sparked a color-blocking frenzy that we're sure to experience tenfold this spring. And where your dad's Kirkland brand trainers were once the most re-created style in town, it's your dad's college-era tennis Reeboks that are now making a full comeback.

Ahead, shop the spring sneaker trends that are sure to be flooding the street style scene this upcoming fashion week.

The Entire Color Wheel

Forget everything you knew about color blocking—this season, sneaker designers are packing the entire color wheel into their creations. From bright and sunny pastels to overlapping high-contrast hues, expect to see a lot of Rainbow Brite–esque sneakers passing you on the streets.

Collabs on Collabs on Collabs

Fashion Week Street Style SS20 Wald Berlin Djinn Sneakers


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Sandy Liang x Vans, Dior x Nike, Sean Wotherspoon x Atmos x Asics, Tom & Jerry x Reebok… 2020's lineup of designer-and-cartoon collabs is bigger than ever. Where collaboration drops used to be sparse events you waited months in anticipation for, 2020's spring calendar is filled to the brim with new releases.

Back to the '80s

It looks like we don't need a time machine after all. The '80s have made a full comeback, and our sneakers aren't planning on being left out. The throwback trend is bringing back old-school styles of yore from rounded toed to muted pastel hues, primary colors, and padded collar high-tops.

The New Balenciaga Effect

Seoul Fashion Week Street Style Balenciaga Track Sneaker


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The general hype around Balenciaga's Triple S sneaker has since quieted down (although the trickle-down effect is still going strong). But where one door closes, another one opens, and Balenciaga is once again knocking down the sneaker hype door. This time around, it's swapping out chunky soles for treaded ones with its aptly name Track sneaker. While we can expect a whole host of copy cats to pop up come March, you can shop the trend now by buying actually functional treaded shoes.