5 Trends Every Stylish Person Is Wearing With Skirts Right Now

Skirts are an underrated wardrobe staple. As with their trouser counterparts, skirts are versatile and can be paired with everything from chunky knits to slinky blouses. And unlike dresses, you can mix and match them with different tops to help keep things feeling fresh. Ipso fact, skirts are closet chameleons and tend to play nicely with fashion trends.

That's why it's a whip-smart move to keep your closet stocked with a handful of different skirt silhouettes to team with whatever trend you're experimenting with at the moment. Ahead, digest five relevant trends that happen to pair perfectly with skirts. From the season's most luxurious texture to the footwear shape no one saw coming, shop the picks inspired by these genius outfit ideas.

The Trend: Western Boots
Cowboy Boots



Cowboy boots have been on the trend circuit for a few seasons and show no sign of slowing down. Embrace the Western aesthetic and team your pair with a below-the-knee skirt.

The Trend: Cardigan



Everyone's pulling their cardigans out of the closet as of late, and the cozy, nostalgic knit happens to pair swimmingly with midi skirts.

The Trend: Colorful Puffer
Puffer Jacket



'Tis the season for bold puffer jackets. Instead of styling yours with jeans, try a skirt and tights for a refreshed winter look.

The Trend: Chunky Shoes
Chunky Shoes



Chunky shoes ranging from creepers to platform boots have been everywhere lately. Not sure how to style them? Your best bet is with a skirt, it seems.

The Trend: Velvet
Velvet Blazer



Winter is the ideal time to embrace the velvet trend.

Next up, this will be the most popular skirt trend in 2020.

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