Fact: Every Summer Look That Screams "Old Money" Includes This One Ingredient

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Have you ever looked at someone on the street or on social media and wondered, "How do they always look so polished?" Some may attribute others' enigma to having that je ne sais quoi or a stacked bank account that allows them to buy designer things. But the genuinely stylish people know that the secret ingredient to always looking good comes back to the staples. An arsenal of great basics can distinguish between looking busted or like a walking bank account. Whether you choose to spend thousands of dollars or under $100, the right foundational pieces can make you look (and feel) like a million dollars.

Of course, there are numerous staples that one can turn to give off quiet luxury vibes—from linen trousers to strappy sandals, the list goes on. But there's one that stands out as an unsung ingredient: white skirts. During the summertime, there's no better piece to rely upon to serve old money energy than a white skirt. Don't believe me? In an effort to show the value this staple can bring you, I've done a deep dive into how to wear a white skirt.

Ahead, you'll find 19 white-skirt outfit ideas to wear during the summer and beyond. Plus, I've shopped out some of the best white skirts online right now. Fair warning: These outfit formulas look so decadent that they may cause onlookers to say, "Yes, chef."

a photo of a woman wearing a white skirt outfit with a black tank top and button-down shirt and white sandals

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What you'll need: Oversize Button-Down + Tank + White Linen Maxi Skirt + Strappy Sandals

You don't need a designer white skirt for your outfit to look expensive. A simple way to make any white skirt look designer is by styling it with timeless staples—e.g., an oversize black button-down, a tank, and strappy sandals.

a photo of a woman wearing a white mini skirt-outfit with a pink cardigan and pink bag

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What you'll need: Pearl Necklace + Knit Jacket + White Miniskirt + Shoulder Bag + Chain Belt

If you want to look like you came fresh off of Chanel's runway without having to cash that check, then opt for a knitted jacket styled with a preppy white miniskirt. Bonus points if you add a chain belt.

a photo of a woman wearing a white midi skirt with white tank and cardigan and black sandals

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What you'll need: Cardigan + White Crop Top + Tiered White Skirt + Handbag + Thong Sandals

Who needs to book a trip to the South of France when you can wear a tiered white skirt? Jokes aside, if you style this silhouette with elevated thong sandals, a cropped top, and a cardigan layered over the shoulders, you'll look like you're ready for a fancy vacation.

a photo of a woman wearing a white maxi skirt with a white tube top and black ballet flats

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What you'll need: Strapless White Tube Top + White Maxi Skirt + Ballet Flats + Shoulder Bag

Planning on having a casual day out and about? Try pairing a strapless white top with a matching white maxi skirt and black ballet flats. This look not only includes some of the trendiest items of the season, but it is also an ensemble you'll be comfortable in no matter where the day takes you.

a photo of a woman wearing a white slip skirt with a white tank and black slingback heels

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What you'll need: Shoulder Bag + Tank + White Skirt + Slingback Kitten Heels

Calling all devout fans of '90s minimalism—the outfit above is all you! It doesn't get more on-theme than pairing a basic tank with a long white skirt, a simple pair of slingback heels, and a structured handbag.

a woman wearing a white maxi skirt outfit with black blazer and black flat sandals

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What you'll need: Hoops + Black Fitted Blazer + White Maxi Skirt + Sandals + Bucket Bag

If you want to make your white skirt the focal point of the ensemble, then opt for a more dramatic silhouette (e.g., ball gown, A-line, bubble hem, and parachute) styled with simple summer staples.

a woman wearing a white miniskirt and black t-shirt and trench coat and ballet flats

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What you'll need: Trench Coat + T-Shirt + White Miniskirt + Ballet Flats + Raffia Bag

Whether it's a rainy summer day or a crisp day in early fall, it's nice to have a way to get more wear out of your white skirt. Enter the look above. Throw on a black T-shirt with a white miniskirt, ballet flats, a trench coat, and a raffia bag and you'll have the perfect look for fickle weather.

a woman wearing a white pleated maxi skirt and matching pleated top and black shoulder bag and black flats

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What you'll need: Pleated Top + White Pleated Skirt + Mesh Ballet Flats + Curved Shoulder Bag

When in doubt, the easiest way to make any ensemble look elegant is by opting for pleated or plissé pieces. If you want to take it up a notch, you can wear a white skirt with a matching top, mesh flats, and a curved shoulder bag.

a close photo of a woman wearing a white pleated mini skirt with a white button-down shirt and matching men's tie

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What you'll need: White Button-Down Shirt + White Tie + White Pleated Miniskirt

Nothing says "old money" quite like paying homage to those prep-school essentials. Of course, you don't have to make it feel too costumey. Style your beloved button-down with a matching pleated miniskirt and add a tie and loafers.

a woman wearing a white pencil skirt with a brown off-the-shoulder top and black heeled mules

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What you'll need: Shoulder Bag + Off-the-Shoulder Top + White Pencil Skirt + Mules

When you've made plans to go out right after work, the outfit above will come in handy. White pencil skirts are the ideal piece to wear to the office, and if you pair one with an off-the-shoulder top, mules, and a shoulder bag, you'll have a look that works for happy hour, date night, or anything else on the agenda.

a woman wearing a white knit miniskirt with a matching knit tank and tan cardigan

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What you'll need: Cardigan + Shoulder Bag + Ribbed Tank + White Ribbed Skirt

Think you can only wear white skirts in the summer? Think again. In the early fall and spring, opting for a ribbed or knit white skirt styled with a matching tank and cardigan is a surefire wear to wear this style year-round.

a woman wearing a white full skirt with a navy crewneck sweater and black blazer and black ballet flats

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What you'll need: Blazer + Layered Crewnecks + White Poplin Skirt + Ballet Flats + Handbag

Another way you can make a white skirt feel appropriate for chilly days or outside the summertime is by styling it with a blazer, ballet flats, and layered crewneck shirts.

a photo of a woman wearing a white maxi skirt with a cropped white polo shirt and big sunglasses

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What you'll need: Sunglasses + White Cropped Polo + White Maxi Skirt

One of the benefits of opting for a white skirt is that you can look like you're wearing pieces from a luxury resort collection with the right styling—see proof above. Pair a cropped white polo with a white maxi skirt and sunglasses and everyone will think you're wearing something pricey.

a photo of a woman wearing a white wrap skirt with a white t-shirt and black mules and a gray and white snakeskin bag

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What you'll need: Sunglasses + White T-Shirt + White Wrap Skirt + Mules + Bag

Want to make that white wrap skirt work for the office? Try pairing it with a high-neck T-shirt, mules, and a snake-print bag.

a photo of a woman wearing a outfit with a white skirt, a matching corset top, and pink satin ballet flats

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What you'll need: Bolero + Corset Top + White Skirt + Ballet Flats

For fans of the balletcore aesthetic, there's no better way to tap into the trend than replicating the outfit above. Pair a pretty corset top with a white skirt and satin flats and you'll basically be a ballet dancer.

a woman wearing a white denim skirt outfit with a button-down shirt, brown bag, and brown sandals

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What you'll need: White Button-Down + White Denim Skirt + Sandals + Shoulder Bag

Just when I thought the denim-skirt trend couldn't be more appropriate for the summer, I stumbled upon this outfit idea. Pairing a white denim skirt with an oversize button-down, sandals, and a shoulder bag is the chic yet cool outfit formula I didn't know was missing in my life.

a woman wearing a white mini slip skirt outfit with a brown vest and brown bag

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What you'll need: Sunglasses + Sweater-Vest + White Slip Skirt + Handbag

Slip skirts are a year-round staple. Case in point: the outfit above. A white slip skirt can feel fall forward simply by being paired with a sweater-vest, a suede handbag, and sunglasses.

a photo of a woman wearing a white eyelet skirt with a swim top and matching top

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What you'll need: White Eyelet Top + Satin Bikini Top + White Eyelet Skirt + Shoulder Bag + Mules

Much like a trip to the beach is a required pastime of the summer, eyelet clothing is a nonnegotiable too. Why wouldn't you wear a white eyelet skirt on your beach vacation? Simply throw a satin bikini underneath and layer on a matching button-down and you'll be the walking embodiment of summer.

a photo of a woman wearing a full white skirt outfit with an orange top and orange sandals

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What you'll need: Tinted Sunglasses + Colorful Knit Top + White A-Line Skirt + Sandals

Hopefully, you've gotten ample inspiration on how to wear a white skirt in the summertime and beyond. Should you need one last bit of parting advice, let it be this—use your white skirt as a foundational staple. The beauty of owning a white skirt is that it is versatile. It can be paired with everything from a bright-orange knit top and sandals to a tank and an oversize button-down. No matter what type of skirt you opt for or how you choose to wear it, you can rest assured that it will make you look good every single time.

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