The Instagram-Approved Way to Style Skirt-and-T-Shirt Outfits

If we were to wear one pairing all summer, it would be skirts and T-shirts. Not only does the pairing provide the right amount of comfort and cool, but when styled accordingly, it’s a combo that can easily work for business meetings, music festivals, or weekend errands.

The versatility of these garments can also be their downfall—when all the styling variations inevitably look good, deciding which one to wear proves to be hard. However, thanks to the app that we shamelessly scroll through every morning—yes, Instagram—we’ve pinpointed a few skirt-and-tee pairings that make deciding what to wear a walk in the park.

Ahead we’ve rounded up a few skirt-and-T-shirt outfits that not only have Instagram’s seal of approval but ours as well.

Replicate one of the above looks or create your own iteration to stay cool all summer.