The Skinny-Jean Style to Skip This Fall and What to Buy Instead

Biggest fall 2019 skinny jean trends


Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

Have you heard? Skinny jeans are back. But did they ever really go away? The answer is no, but thanks to Hedi Slimane's F/W 19 Celine collection, fashion people are talking about them, and we assume that will influence a lot of near-future purchases. But here's the thing: We've noticed a strong shift in the skinny-jean arena. The style that we're used to associating with them are those stretchy, cropped, sometimes frayed-hemmed, sometimes distressed skinny jeans, but truth be told, they've become a bit dated, at least for the time being.

So what's the 2019 version of skinny jeans? Well, it's a multi-layered answer. There's one no-brainer trend that feels particularly fresh this season, but there are three others that are also making a case for freeing up space in your closet. Keep scrolling to shop those four skinny-jean trends that are all over the market and will soon be all over Instagram, the streets, your closet—you get the idea.

Full-Length Skinny Jeans

As far as plain and simple skinny jeans go, it's time to set the cropped ones aside and invest in full-length styles in blue and black denim. They might not work with some of the shoe styles that cropped ones do, but they'll certainly elongate your legs.

100% Cotton Skinny Jeans

Rigid skinny jeans are definitely not for the faint of heart, but they'll lend a cool '90s feel to your outfit that's hard to achieve with any other type of skinny jeans.

Utility Skinny Jeans

Given the popularity of utility pants like cargos right now, it's no surprise that utility skinny jeans are suddenly a thing. Pair them with sneakers or flats for the most forward look.

Animal-Print Skinny Jeans

The animal-print trend is obviously still going strong, and it's made its way to skinny jeans. Since this trend is bold, go for clean and simple styles in neutral shades.

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