I Rarely Wear Blue Jeans, But These 6 Outfits Are Making Me Rethink Everything

If you were to open my denim drawer right now, you'd basically find a sea of black jeans. Those tried-and-true black skinny jeans and straight-leg picks have just always been my go-tos given that I tend to stick to a neutral palette in my day-to-day uniform. That said, as I've been scrolling through outfit ideas in my Saved folder on Instagram, I have been into an array of looks that feature blue jeans.

Now, when I say the simple outfits in question are a departure for me, I mean it. It's been a very long time since I slipped into a pair of blue jeans. Although I love the look in general. So yes, the looks are making me rethink everything. Curious? Wonderful. Keep scrolling to check out the specific outfits that just may inspire me to give my black jeans a break. But also note that each ensemble could really be paired with any denim silhouette you love. Oh, if you, too, are feeling the looks, I included a smattering of shopping recommendations as well.

Denim on denim is a classic look that's always kind of around, but it's a vibe that's going to be even more noteworthy come fall. I'm into it.

A pair of loose jeans feels fresh with a white tank and a relaxed blazer.

How to wear a vest



One of my favorite trends of the season is the tailored vest. This silhouette is top-notch with the fitted top and baggier jeans.

For a simple yet modern vibe, consider an oversize button-down shirt with light-wash jeans. 

The best blue jeans for fall



A longline trench over a simple shirt and jeans works great for those early-fall days.

A collard shirt underneath a graphic sweatshirt brings polish to this effortless outfit.

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