10 Shorts-and-Shoe Pairings Fashion People Are Wearing This Summer

Woman in white shorts and ballet flats.

(Image credit: @sasha.mei)

Summer is in full swing, which means shorts are on heavy rotation in my wardrobe right now. I've been leaning into tailored linen silhouettes as well as pull-on boxer shorts that feel current and perfect for my comfort level. Whatever shorts styles you lean into, it's the shoes you wear with them that will take your outfit from zero to 100 in an instant this season.

As I've been scrolling through summer outfits on Instagram, I've been spotting a handful of shorts-and-shoe combinations that instantly say fashion person. Whether it's this summer's jorts trend paired with sleek kitten-heel sandals that perfectly balance the baggy silhouette or striped boxer silhouettes with trusty Birkenstock clogs, these shoe-and-shorts pairings feel perfectly on-trend for summer 2024.

Keep scrolling for 10 shorts-and-shoe pairings to get you inspired this summer.

Sporty Shorts + Ballet Flats

Woman in track shorts and button-down.

(Image credit: @annelauremais)

Long Denim Shorts + Kitten-Heel Sandals

Woman in denim shorts and heels.

(Image credit: @slipintostyle)

Boxers + Birkenstocks

Woman in boxers and Birkenstock clogs.

(Image credit: @francesacasaffari)

Pull-On Shorts + Jelly Shoes

Woman in white pull-on shorts and jelly shoes.

(Image credit: @courtneygrow)

Bermuda Shorts + Minimalistic Mules

Woman in white Bermuda shorts, a blazer, and mules.

(Image credit: @deborabrosa)

Denim Cutoffs + Loafers

Woman in denim cutoffs and loafers.

(Image credit: @emmanuellek_)

Short Shorts + Thong Sandals

Woman in short shorts and thong sandals.

(Image credit: @emmaleger)

Linen Shorts + Chunky Sandals

Woman in linen shorts and chunky sandals.

(Image credit: @hannahcrosskey)

Cotton Shorts + Sneakers

Woman in cotton shorts and sneakers.

(Image credit: @francescasaffari)

Bloomers + Cowboy Boots

Woman in shorts and cowboy boots.

(Image credit: @raeannlangas)
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