12 Things Your Mom Will Love From Black Friday Sales

Whether you’re looking to get a head start on your Christmas list or simply want to show your mom some much-deserved love with a little gift, Black Friday is the day to get it done. Not only will you probably be out shopping already (or at least at home doing it from your computer), but pieces you’d normally pay full price for will be significantly marked down.

We know, however, that sale shopping can be stressful, and in the moment it’s hard to think clearly about what to get and what the other person will like. So in hopes of saving you from a checkout counter meltdown or awkward Christmas morning, we’ve put together a foolproof list of pieces we know moms love but are also safe choices in general. 

Scroll through to get started, and don't forget to bookmark the pieces you think your mom will love!


Pro tip: Unless it's of the un-ironic, ugly Christmas variety, everyone loves a good sweater.

A simple gray sweater with just enough detail to stand out. 


No matter the occasion, a classic piece of jewelry will always be appreciated.

A fresh and affordable take on the simple stud. 


Opt for a scarf that's both functional and stylish, and you can't go wrong. 

A versatile blanket scarf can be styled so many ways. 

Wear this everywhere from your wrist to neck to purse handle! 


Whether you get a clutch, tote, or coin purse, there's always room in a woman's closet for another bag! 

A structured tote is a timeless classic. 


Loungewear is one of those things we all love but don't necessarily want to buy ourselves. In other words: It's the perfect gift. 

Chambray pajamas? It doesn't get much better than that. 


While I'd suggest staying away from other types of shoes as gifts, a cool pair of sneakers is less subjective and easier to pick out for someone else.  

Coffee runs will be much more stylish with these. 

These delicate sneakers are perfect for a post-gym look.

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Opening Image: Daniel Zuchnik/Getty Images

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