I've Decided That Spring Starts Now: 33 Items I'm Ordering ASAP



The temperatures are above 60°, birds are quite literally chirping on my street, and bikers are everywhere. Could it be that spring is finally here? Knowing New York weather, by the time you read this, I might be experiencing whiplash from a return to the frozen tundra. Up and down, left to right, this time of year can be so confusing, especially when you're trying to plan a few cute outfits for the weekend.

Well, whether or not the weather aligns with my ideal spring temperatures, I am shopping and dressing like it's spring now. Should it be too cold to wear the obvious spring items that I love, I will simply layer them up with trench coats, pair them with knee-high boots, or add more color because no weather will stop me from living out my "spring has sprung" dreams. My current favorite site to shop for fresh and fun goodies is Shopbop. The quick and easy free two-day shipping has quickly won me over. Below, I've assembled the items that are screaming for my attention in my shopping cart. I just can't be the only one to know how good they are. 

BRB, I'm on my way to audition for a Monsters, Inc. reboot wearing this furry footwear.

I can imagine Sylvie from Emily in Paris wearing this, so it's properly named.

Just when I thought I had found the best Levi's ever created, the brand drops dad jeans.

A pink sapphire is right up my alley.

Lightweight sweaters are required.

When I saw this dress, I almost had a heart attack, in a good way.

If you're looking for the perfect white tee to wear all 2022, here she is.

The halter is a subtle nod to Y2K.

If you don't have these sandals, what are you doing?

Expecting lots of hippie prints this season.

Dressing like a gift is my new strategy for looking cute.

Throw it over the shoulder and go.

I'm hoping the leaves will get the memo that they can come out of hiding now if I wear a lot of green. 

As soon as you bring out the woven bag, it automatically becomes spring. I don't care what the forecast says.

Treat yourself to dinner while wearing this dress, and you'll feel so good while doing it.

Pumps are the shoe category to shop RN.

Bohemian for the girls who aren't fully on board with bohemian.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Everyone needs these sunglasses.

Vivian would be proud if you wore this dress on a designer shopping spree.

It's time for a new pair of hoops.

Drag yourself to the office in these—I dare you.

Crying and screaming because I don't have these yet.

It's impossible to survive spring without a slew of light jackets.

Hailey Bieber wore these already this spring, so yeah, everyone needs them.