Prediction: Will the Container Bag Be the New Woven Bag?

When one accessory trend slows down, it's likely that another trend will accelerate, and coming into summer, the only accessory you’re going to want to parade around is a container bag. By 'container' we mean the hard-case, lucite purse often seen in tiny forms mimicking a plastic container.

We think the trend is even more covetable when it comes in the form of one-off vintage styles in mini versions, but brand new styles are just as adorable. Proof that the trend is taking off? Cult Gaia's acrylic hard-case bags have been a constant sell-out recently. All the editors at Who What Wear Australia HQ have managed to condense all belongings into mini bags (also affectionately known as our home for our iPhones). The trick is to minimise everything that goes into the bag; card holders instead of wallets, and multi-purpose beauty essentials. We will never stop at impractical (but beautiful) trends, and if we can downsize, you can too. We predict summer to be all about the container bag so get in early.

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