125 Million TikTok Views Later, This $5 Blush Has Taken Over the Internet

SheGlam Color Bloom Liquid Blush review

Welcome to Internet Famous, a monthly series in which we ask our Instagram followers to vote on a viral beauty product that's taken social media by storm. Then the beauty team will take the winning pick for a spin and share their reviews—pictures included.

If my phone was stolen, I'd be most concerned about my screen-time stats becoming public knowledge. Nobody needs to know how many hours of my day are spent on social media. (That's just too personal for my liking.) All anyone needs to know is that I'm on TikTok a lot and my obsession runs deep. I live for the thrill of the hunt—not literally out in the wilderness but on my phone, searching hashtags in the hopes of discovering an under-the-radar brand or a viral beauty product. My latest "trip" led me to #sheglamviralblush, a hashtag with an impressive 125 million views (and counting). If you ask me, a blush with that good of a PR rep is worthy of my attention.

After further investigation, I've come to the conclusion that SHEGLAM's Color Bloom Liquid Blush ($5) is the type of blush you can always count on. She's a gel-cream formula that comes in two finishes: matte and shimmer. She's lightweight, nourishing, and full of skincare benefits. She's sheer, luminous, and enriched with vitamin C. She will always deliver an effortless flush of color to your cheeks, and with the help of the rest of the Liquid family—Glow Bloom Liquid Highlighter ($5) and Sun Sculpt Liquid Contour ($5)—she'll give your skin the ultimate radiant glow. Keep scrolling for the picture proof and to see what the rest of the beauty team had to say. 

Caitie Schlisserman, Beauty Director, Branded Content

Caitie Schlisserman's SheGlam DayGlow Liquid Blush review



"I have naturally rosy cheeks, so I'm always a little hesitant to try super-pigmented blush, but this stuff blends like a dream. I'm not saying it's not pigmented—I'm just saying that, with enough blending, it really does melt into your skin and leave a perfect natural flush behind. Arguably my favorite part is that it doesn't even feel like you're wearing anything at all. The worst feeling in the world is when makeup feels like a mask, but every single SheGlam product I tried was super breathable and looked natural.

"The other obvious callouts are the contour and highlighter—I'm a sucker for a dewy, lit-from-within glow no matter the time of year, and this power duo delivers. I was tempted to use the contour on my eyes to add a subtle wash of color to them, but I couldn't resist trying the eye palette. I'm drawn to earthy tones and settled on a light, shimmery brown that enhanced my eye color. The brow pen is another product that shouldn't be overlooked—it's one of the easier pens I've used that doesn't make me look too overdone."

Shawna Hudson, Associate Beauty Editor

"I honestly love this blush! I usually like my everyday makeup to be more of a dewy, glowy, natural look, and this blush is literally the perfect product to help me achieve that. I love how creamy and blendable the formula is. Initially, I accidentally put on quite a bit more than I planned, but it was no problem at all. The formula blends like a dream and looks so gorgeous and natural on the skin. I wasn't too sure if this slightly pink, almost peach shade would look good on my skin tone, but it blended out to a beautiful, light terra-cotta hue that I'm totally obsessed with. I also applied it on my lids for a subtle, natural warmth that's perfect for a dewy, glowy makeup look.

"For the rest of my look, I used the foundation, highlighter, and contour. The foundation is so silky smooth and just glides onto your skin like butter—I'm in love. The Liquid highlight and contour also helped me create that subtle, lit-from-within glow that I always strive for. I'm also completely dumbfounded by how affordable these products are. Believe me: I've tried a lot of high-end makeup that I haven't been all that impressed with, but these items are so high quality, affordable, and sit so nicely on my skin."

Megan Harris, Senior Manager

Megan Harris's SheGlam DayGlow Liquid Blush review



"First of all, the blush worked perfectly with my skin tone—it's bright but subtle at the same time. It's definitely one I'll be reaching for again and again. I also really appreciate the fact that, even though it's quite pigmented, it's super easy to blend. I could keep adding layers, and it would just keep melting into my skin, leaving a perfect cheek tint behind.

"I was a bit hesitant to try the foundation when I read the word 'full coverage' because I would describe myself as a 'no-makeup makeup' kind of girl. I dotted it across my face and blended it in with a stippling brush, and it melted into my skin as if it were a skin tint. It provides good coverage but with a barely-there appearance. In addition to the blush, I topped off my base with some bronzer, highlighter, mascara, and lip liner. The end result is an elevated, natural look that I'm totally here for."

Erin Jahns, Beauty Director 

Erin Jahns' SheGlam DayGlow Liquid Blush review



"I'm so picky about blush, and unlike every other person on the planet, I'm usually not a liquid- or cream-blush girl. But oh, my gosh, is this stuff good. Not only is it lightweight (it feels nonexistent on your skin!), but it manages to be super pigmented and super blendable. I added three layers just for photographic impact, and it still managed to melt into my skin and buff out perfectly. It's one of the best liquid blushes I've ever tried, and I'm not just saying that! The result makes you look so healthy and flushed—like you just received an hour-long IV drip of vitamins.

"My obsession didn't stop at the blush! Honestly, I was impressed with almost every single product. The foundation is so good (it literally sinks into your skin and blends like perfection, and the coverage is *chef's kiss*), and I was especially into the contour and highlighter. Initially, I thought I overdid it with the contour, but you can really keep blending and working it into your skin until it looks completely natural—like you've just been at the beach for a few hours. All of the products just work together so seamlessly. By the end, it was like someone had waved a magic wand over my face. I looked glowy, sun-kissed, and perfectly flushed!"