If You Always Skip Primer, We're 99.9% Sure This One Will Change Your Mind



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I've spent the past year perfecting my makeup routine for every season, and I've come to realize that no matter how much my routine shifts to accommodate the weather, primer is never one of my steps. I definitely don't identify as "anti primer," but I'll often skip it because my makeup tends to stay in place throughout the day without it. But this has literally been the hottest summer ever (the numbers don't lie), and my makeup has definitely been taking a hit. I've become all too familiar with smudged concealer, running mascara, and a sweaty upper lip, so I think it's finally time to add primer to the mix. And if we're talking primer, it feels like a crime to ignore the internet craze over Milk Makeup's Hydro Grip Hydrating Makeup Primer ($38).

This is not one of those beauty products that seems to exist solely on social media. Tons of my friends, fellow editors, and favorite influencers swear by it, and for good reason. First of all, it's silicone-free and has the perfect dewy effect. It's also made with hyaluronic acid for extra hydration and blue agave extract, which has gripping power to help makeup last up to 12 hours. Two words: Say less. My biggest summer dilemma has been my makeup sweating off as soon as I step outside or getting cakey as the day goes on. So if it only takes a couple pumps of this gel formula to get flawless, long-lasting makeup, sign me up. My fellow editors (some primer newbies and some longtime fans) put this product to the test, and their honest reviews and before-and-after photos are waiting for you below.


(Image credit: @ERIN_JAHNS)

"After years of trial and error, I've realized that the only primers I use and love have two important things in common: They're specifically formulated to be hydrating (instead of blurring, pore-minimizing, mattifying, etc.), and they're oil- and silicone-free. This primer from Milk Makeup checks all of the above, so it's no surprise that I love it so much. It has a luxurious, gel-like consistency that feels really nice on the skin (almost like a yummy serum), but it quickly sinks in and sets so it doesn't feel heavy on your face. My makeup always applies like butter on top of it, and it looks better for longer when I prep with this primer beforehand, which is really saying something considering it's usually about 85° in my L.A. apartment this time of year!" — Erin Jahns, beauty director


(Image credit:  @SHAWNASIMONEE)

"I literally use this primer anytime I do my makeup. The texture is a bit tacky and sticky, so it takes some getting used to, but my foundation always looks 10 times better when I use it. It's also the only formula that doesn't irritate my face, clog my pores, or dry my skin out. I was truly amazed since my skin is so sensitive. It will always be a staple in my routine, and I can't recommend it enough for anyone else with a similar skin type." — Shawna Hudson, associate beauty editor


(Image credit: @EMMA.WALSH)

"It's been a hot and humid summer here in NYC, and some days, my makeup has literally melted off my face. Thankfully, this primer has swooped in to save the day. When I first applied it, I instantly fell in love with the gel texture, and it gives me the glowy, dewy finish that I'm all about. The ingredient list is impressive, too—not only is it clean and silicone-free, but it has ingredients you'll find in skincare including hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, and aloe. The standout ingredient is blue agave extract, which makes for a super-smooth makeup application and prevents that not-so-cute makeup melting. If you want your makeup to apply like a dream and last all day (even in 90-degree heat), I would check this out." — Emma Walsh, associate beauty editor


(Image credit: @ANIYAHMORINIA)

"Many of my primers have been collecting dust in the back of my beauty drawer. But in this scorching heat, primer is an absolute must, and this one is so different from every other primer I own. The gel formula has a tacky finish that feels and looks a bit like glue immediately after application, but once it settles in, you can definitely see the difference in hydration. I saw a little bit of white residue when I blended it into my skin, but it didn't impact my makeup at all. I was able to go from a daytime event to a nighttime event without having to worry about my makeup suffering in between." — Aniyah Morinia, editor


(Image credit: @KAITLYN_MCLINTOCK)

"I almost never use primer because I've never found one that I like. They tend to feel thick and sticky on my skin, and honestly, I've never noticed that much of a difference in the wear or look of my makeup. That said, this is a primer I can get behind. It feels a little tacky on the skin, but once it dries down, it doesn't feel like it's there at all. Plus, it made my skin look a little plumper and smoother than it did before. Finally, it kept my foundation from smearing and smudging even after I went swimming (yes, swimming). Did this just make me a primer convert? BRB—I'm reeling." — Kaitlyn McLintock, associate beauty editor


(Image credit: @C_BELLAMY)

"I've never been that into primer, but there are many things I like about this one. It's thick, it has incredible gripping power, it's cool to the touch, and it's made with good-for-skin ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. While it did give my skin a nice dewy glow and kept my makeup in place, I didn't love that it started to pill. At least I was able to get rid of all the flakes and enjoy my long-lasting makeup." — Caitie Schlisserman, beauty director, branded content


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"When I'm shopping for a primer worth investing in, one of the biggest deciding factors is its appearance on my deep skin tone. While a primer may ensure my makeup lasts all day, many tend to leave my skin looking gray underneath the rest of my products. But this primer was able to achieve the impossible: It left my skin with a dewy, healthy-looking glow thanks to its incredibly hydrating cocktail of ingredients, it has a serum-like consistency for smooth application, and it gave me the assurance that my makeup wouldn't budge." — Maya Thomas, assistant beauty editor

Aniyah Morinia
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