Weird—The "Sexiest" Lingerie I Own Is Actually the Most Comfortable

When I think of all the lingerie trends we've covered at Who What Wear, such as the new summer lingerie trends or the underwear trends that are slowly dying, I definitely wouldn't put any of the styles in the category of both "comfy" and "sexy." That said, I recently found a bra that shattered all the rules I thought governed my undergarment drawer by doing just that—somehow being light as air and supportive and making me feel like a million bucks. Comfort has got to be my priority when lingerie shopping, so I felt like I had hit the jackpot with that purchase.

Fast-forwarding a few months, after trying the matching bottoms to make my bra purchase into a cute set, I'm convinced that sheer lingerie is the best undergarment trend I've ever tried because it's chic as hell while being the one I always reach for first. If you're with me on this, update your lingerie drawer with these stylish sheer pieces. Whether you're looking for a matching set or a single piece, shop these options I found that fit every budget.




sheer underwear set