Samantha Jones, the Unsung Style Hero of Sex and the City

Samantha Jones, I love you. While I am certainly not the Samantha of my friend group, I appreciate and desperately need a friend like her in my life. (Doesn't everyone?!) Everyone loves to rave about Carrie Bradshaw and how much of a style icon she was on Sex and the City, and while I certainly agree, the other characters made just as much of an impact on the fashion world, including Samantha Jones. She was the woman you secretly always wanted to dress like but weren't sure if you had the guts to actually do it. Her style was impeccably daring, boldly sensual, and looking back now, years ahead of its time.

You might think you know Samantha Jones's style, but there are tons of looks you definitely have forgotten about over the years (unless you binge this show on the regular), meaning that until you check out the outfits below, you really don't know her style at all. Yes, she was all about the slip dress and the plunging neckline, low-slung jeans, and rhinestone everything, but she took sartorial risks that I'm not even sure I'm bold enough to try out today—let alone in 1998. Ready to check out some of her best style moments?

Samantha Jones is the queen of all things relating to the bedroom, which of course, includes her lingerie and sleepwear. One look at this feathered confection will have you thinking twice about your oversize college T-shirt and sweatpants, no?

Available in sizes S to M. 

We couldn't imagine a more forward look for Samantha to rock. Logomania, plastic, and sportswear all in one? Yeah, this look was a home run.

samantha jones style - sex and the city


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Animal print is all the rage right now and will be through F/W 18, but Samantha has been rocking the trend on her own for years. Pair a bold tiger-print accessory with a red-hot dress and call it a day, sweetie.

Available in sizes XXS to XL. 

To be honest, this is one of my favorite scenes from Sex and the City maybe ever. Samantha's kitschy gingham set will live on forever in my heart.

Available in sizes XS to M. 

Unpopular opinion: Samantha Jones rocked the giant hat before Jacquemus was even a thing.

In case you've ever struggled with how to look cute when it's cold out, we found all the help you'll ever need. Please also note the leopard dress underneath. Very important.

Samantha Jones slays the animal kingdom yet again with her striking animal print get-ups, including this head-to-toe zebra ensemble.

Available in sizes 1 to 2. 

samantha jones style - sex and the city


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After seeing this look, my GNO outfits will never be the same. Instead of jeans and a crop top, why not wear a sequin minidress, satin boots, and a white leather coat? Time to step it up.

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