If You Only Buy One Party Outfit This Year, Make It This One

Is it me, or has this year gone particularly quickly? I'm someone who is known to have planned, bought and often wrapped presents by October, but November has crept on me so quickly that I haven't even had a chance to plan one of the most important aspects of the festive period—what to wear for party season.

Of course, there are the classics that we can rely on year in and year out, such as the little black dress or jeans and a "nice top," but there's something about the spirit of 2022 that requires us to go all out and see out the year with a bang. With that in mind, I've noticed one particular party trend popping up all over the runways and, in turn, the high street, and it's a full-throttle, high-octane, glamour look that's guaranteed to get any party started. It's the sequin co-ord. 

Sequin Co-ord Party Outfits


Chris Yates/Courtesy of 16Arlington

Nothing says "party" quite like head-to-toe sparkles, and even if you're a low-key minimalist or dress devotee, I can promise you this might be the look to change your mind. It's an easy-to-wear outfit that already comes pre-styled, and it just so happens to be comfortable, too, so that means no cut-outs, no body-con and no shapewear required. You can just get on with the good bit, enjoying your evening. 

Thankfully for us, the high street has delivered sequins in spades, and you can find particularly good co-ords and suits from some of our favourites for as little as £55. So if your social calendar is filling quickly and you're struggling to find an outfit, don't panic over it. Keep scrolling for our picks of the best sequin party outfits to wear this New Year and beyond. 


When paired with the top, this column skirt creates a streamlined silhouette. 

As the weather gets colder, all this cami needs is a black blazer. 

Wide leg? Check. High waisted? Check. Plenty of sequins? Check. These tick every box. 

It's all about the rich emerald of this Whistles suit. 

Not into the fit of the trousers? No problem—there's a coordinating pencil skirt too. 

Wear loosely and unbuttoned for the maximum cool factor. 

More wide-legged trousers worthy of acclaim. 

If a full-sequinned look is a little too much, try Zara's subtle take on the trend. 

These trousers will look just as good with a white T-shirt as they do with the coordinating top. 

Only £90 all in? Sign me up. You won't find a better colour, fit or size range for this price. 

You will have almost certainly seen this (or the black colourway) sparkling in M&S store windows. 

The full co-ord is selling like hotcakes and is regularly in and out of stock, so act fast. 

I never knew how much I liked brown sequins until now. 

There's something very '90s about this midi skirt. 

For those still obsessed with the miniskirt, there's a co-ord for you too. 

The floral design makes this sequin co-ord feel extra special.