5 Easy Ways To Feel More Confident About Your Style

If you need a little confidence boost in the style department, today is your lucky day because we have five simple tips that are sure to help you feel 100% certain about your future outfit selections. Scroll through to learn our ‘feel good’ style secrets! 


Candice Lake

1. Learn how to dress for your body.

To really feel confident in your clothing, we suggest embracing your best features. Maybe you love your legs, but prefer to conceal your mid-section or vice-versa! If you know which areas to flaunt and which mask, you’re sure to feel great about your style. 



2. Never walk out the door feeling unsure about an outfit choice.

We are all for experimenting with your style, but if you are uncertain about an outfit before you leave the house, odds are you won’t feel 100% confident about your look once you’re in public. Here’s a tip: send your BFF a quick picture to reassure your outfit decision. BFF not around? Even just checking out a photo of your ensemble should do the trick. The camera doesn’t lie, at least not in this case. 

3. Know the best colors for your skin tone.

Explore your closet this summer and experiment with different colors to find out which hues work best with your complexion. 

4. Define your personal style.

This easiest way to always feel sure about your outfit? Identify your signature look—not only will this personalize each outfit, but having a go-to look will also save time when you’re deciding what to wear each day. 

Image via Stockholm Street Style

5. Spend five more minutes getting ready in the morning.

Try waking up a bit earlier each morning to give yourself extra time to either plan an outfit or play with a new hairstyle or makeup look. It’s never a bad thing to start your day looking fresh and polished.  

Image via A Love Is Blind