The Scandinavian Brands We'll Be Wearing In 2022


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In 2020, you can't bring up the topic of fashion without injecting Scandinavia into the conversation. Much like how Paris became the place to spot trends before they inevitably exploded seasons later, Copenhagen has arguably become the same. It’s where fashion it-girl favorites like Ganni and Stine Goya have grown into major fashion players, and bubbling trends like clunky boots and big dresses have gained major traction, spilling into the fast fashion domain. Scandinavian brands also aren’t short on prestige either, with Danish labels Helmstedt and Cecilie Bahnsen becoming an LVMH semi-finalist and finalist, respectively. 

With so much clout, it’s fair to say that the region has cemented its place as a mecca for emerging talent. As we look ahead to 2021, we’ve rounded up the new crop of break-out Scandinavian brands we predict will be making a big splash next year. Keep scrolling to see what we're excited to wear into next year.


1. Hosberg



Most likely you've already spotted Hosbjerg all over your feed; the brand's metallic pants have been a fashion-girl staple this season, to the extent that they're rarely in stock. The Copenhagen based label was founded in 2014 by Camilla Hosbjerg, a former professional badminton player, where she blends her athletic experience with bold color and whimsical, bold prints. So far, Hosbjerg has expanded its offerings stateside to stores like Urban Outfitters and Lisa Says Gah, but we predict it'll be in a lot more stores come 2021.

While Scandinavia's jewelry scene hasn't yet exploded in the US like more clothing focused brands, we expect that tide to change next year. All Blues is the ageless, genderless project from friends Frederik Nathorst and Jacob Skragge. While not entirely new–launching in 2010–the Stockholm-created line is now hitting its stride with unique, thoughtfully designed pieces crafted from recycled silver.   

3. House of Dagomar

For those putting sustainability at the forefront of their clothing choices, you'll want to pay close attention to House of Dagomar. Last year the label created a subcollection of eco-conscious styles called Good Choice, and has recently committed to expanding its offerings of ethically-made and sustainably sourced pieces to 85% of the company's entire collection. Polished basics with a twist reign here: think what Carolyn Bessette would wear in 2020.  

4. Studio Onyva



One thing is for sure: Instagram's Scandi-girls sure do love color, and chances are you'll notice Studio Onyva tagged in any one of their posted snaps.  It's the type of aesthetic you know and love about Scandi-girl style: the gingham, the quirky silhouettes, and the cool, grandma adjacent prints. While the label sports a steadily growing fanbase, each item is still sewn by a small team that includes Studio Onyva's founder Emma Krab.

Sculptural jewelry may be a saturated market these days, but you won't find anything like Louis Abel. The brand's swirling whirlpool earrings and wavy rings are a few of the many pieces inspired by nature. There's a unique dimensional quality to each design, thanks in part to Founder Jimmy Loutfi's experience as a mechanical engineer. 

6. Sabina Sommer



A big dress is one of the things Scandi designers do best. If you're looking for another name to add to your roster of cool labels, meet Sabina Sommer. Her eponymous line has all the things we love about Danish fashion: big collars, oversized dresses, and perfectly puffy sleeves. We also can appreciate the reasonable price-point, with most dresses and tops priced under $300.