Whee! Saint Laurent Just Introduced Roller Skates on Stilettos

I have to throw in a disclaimer right away—it is not safe, nor clever, nor a fashion thing to go roller skating in stilettos. In fact, up until this moment, it was also impossible, but Saint Laurent has decided to intro what is set to be a collector's item to end all other collector's items: the high-heel court-shoe roller skate. 

When the Saint Laurent team emailed me yesterday to showcase the latest drop (which, by the way, is looking pretty incredible and I'm hoping my wardrobe will have a steamy affair with these Freja corsage-embellished ankle-strap courts), I was quickly sidetracked by the addition of some heels with wheels.  It is not every day such a thing occurs. In fact, the last time I can pinpoint a reference for this idea dates back to this oft-Instagrammed retro shot of stiletto roller skates in a gold metallic finish and worn with fishnets—very Boogie Nights-meets-Guy Bourdin and highly suitable for the cover shot of Better Living Catalog, the 1980s satirical magazine of supposedly life-improving inventions.

See Saint Laurent's High Rollers


Saint Laurent

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Opening Image: Phill Taylor