This Old-School Swimsuit Trend Feels So Right Now



Each season, we look forward to a new slew of fresh swimwear trends, and this summer, retro swimsuits are too prevalent of a style to ignore. If they say three's a trend, then retro swimsuits are in a category of their own. What we love about the rise of this bathing suit aesthetic is that although obviously touching on details of the past, the 2018 version still manages to feel so right now.

Ahead we've rounded up the retro swimsuits we are madly in love with. Some of our favorite details include white trim, buttons, peplums, high-rise bottoms, and more. If you're looking to invest in a bikini or one-piece this summer that not everyone and their mothers will have, retro swimwear is your best bet. 

In case this swimsuit style isn't for you, we've rounded up 18 of the best swimsuits under $100 for you to shop as well. You're welcome.