I Raided My Grandma's Closet and Found These 5 Major Spring Trends


Anna LaPlaca

If there's one thing I'm absolutely sure of in fashion, it's that what goes around almost always comes back again. Fashion has a never-ending cycle of reaching into the past to inform today's trends. When we say goodbye to outdated fashion trends, it's usually not very long until we see them resurface again. Such is the case with the retro spring fashion trends of this season. More precisely, five of the trends you can find currently at your favorite retailers also happen to reside in my 95-year-old grandmother's closet—and you're only a few scrolls away from the proof.

From the fur-trimmed outerwear Nanni wore as a young woman in the '40s and '50s to the chunky costume jewelry I rarely spotted her without in the '80s, her key pieces throughout the years are starting to bubble up again. Whether worn by all the influencers or stocked at all the key retailers, these retro fashion trends all have one thing in common: my chic-as-hell Nanni wore them first.

Keep reading to see them featured in my family photo archives, in the Instagram feeds of today's fashion girls, and listed at retailers all over the internet.