My New Fashion Aesthetic Is Relaxed—7 Outfits I Want to Try

I used to live in black skinny jeans and often paired the denim pick with a black tee or sweater. Well, after testing out looser blue jeans (and becoming obsessed), I’ve been leaning more and more into that relaxed fashion aesthetic with more oversized-fitting clothes for a modern and elevated vibe. My go-to outfit right now is a white button-down shirt with the looser jeans in question. That said, I have a few other outfit ideas saved on IG that I want to test out at some point this season.

If you too are looking for some fresh styling inspiration and perhaps also love the relaxed aesthetic, there are a plethora of chic ensembles coming your way. In terms of the items featured, there’s everything from polished tailoring finds to of-the-moment outerwear silhouettes to yes, more cool shirting styles.

Keep scrolling to check out stylish outfits, complete with inspired shopping picks. 

This is one outfit formula I am 100% trying next with the loose shirt half-tucked into wider-leg jeans. I also love the knit tied around the shoulders for a chic yet low-key feel.

The best spring outfit ideas for women



An oversize knit is a great choice for transitional weather and looks forward with looser blue jeans and a baseball hat.

How to wear an oversize hacket



Oversize jackets—especially leather jackets—are It. Teaming one with relaxed trousers will give you an of-the-moment vibe.

I've been into the denim-on-denim vibe lately, and am feeling this ensemble with the shirt over a white tee and contrasting jeans.

Chic spring outfit ideas



For a polished yet relaxed silhouette, I'm considering this outfit with the oversize white shirt, tee, and trousers.

An oversize trench coat will bring a modern feel to any look. This is a lovely option to try if it's still a bit chilly outside.

Easy spring outfit ideas



Similarily to the knit outfit above, I also want to try an oversize striped top with those tried-and-true jeans. Easy and cool.