Reformation Just Launched Lingerie, and It's So Affordable



Currently, when you think of Reformation, you think of that perfect summer dress, cool-girl pants, and prints you really can't find anywhere else. Recently, the brand has expanded into denim, explored swimwear, and started featuring a more realistic and approachable variety of models. So what's next? Lingerie, of course. For the first time in the brand's history, Reformation released its very own intimates collection. So far, the collection consists of a variety of bralettes and underwear styles coming in multiples shades of muted lace and soft cotton. Arguably, however, the best part is the price point, with pieces starting at just $15.

The imagery for this collection launch is noticeably different than anything we've seen Reformation do before. So what's the story? The brand told us this: "Reformation is a female-founded company with a leadership team consisting of 80% women, who are on a mission to make the world more sustainable. So for our new lingerie collection, we wanted to highlight some like-minded women who we look up to. In today's culture, our self-worth is too often based on appearance, and lingerie campaigns tend to focus only on our bodies. While it's arguably hard to show lingerie without getting half-naked, today we wanted to hone in on other qualities as well. Like, you know, brains and accomplishments. Because that's hot."

All right, we know you're ready to add a few more delicates to your collection, so without further ado, go on to see campaign imagery from Reformation's new lingerie collection and to shop our favorite pieces.