Reformation Just Launched a Surprise Sale—These Are the 36 Best Pieces for Fall

As you may have noticed, Reformation sales don't come very often. Unlike sites with ongoing sale sections, Ref's sales are only for a limited time, and then poof, they're gone. But when they are around (about twice a year), they're pretty epic. They're also a lot to take in because everything is cute.

This week, Reformation launched a surprise end-of-summer sale, with hundreds of items marked down by up to 40%. As you'd imagine, among the sale items are plenty of summery frocks, tops, and sandals. But also in the mix are lots of fall-friendly sweaters, jeans, and long-sleeve dresses. You don't even need to search that hard—there are lots of them. I looked at every single sale item (yes, it took a while, and no, I didn't mind) and determined that these 36 are the most worth it for fall. 

Scroll to kick off your fall shopping without spending a ton. You're welcome.

This unique sweater deserves your attention. 

This is the perfect fall outfit. You can quote me.

This is a deal for a very versatile baby-alpaca sweater.

I'm suddenly ready for coat season.

This is the perfect September dress (but wear it whenever you want).

Snag these before they sell out like the black version did.

This top is a Ref staple piece for a reason.

Fall weddings will be here before you know it.

You'll most likely have some fall events to wear this to.

It would be wise to order this in every color.

Liza is one of my favorite Reformation denim styles, FYI.

Denim jackets are back, and this is the perfect thing to wear under one.

Here's to hoping for the return of holiday parties.

If you need new sweaters you might as well get them on sale.