If You Despise Sticky Lips, You'll Love Rare Beauty's Viral Tinted Lip Oil


Welcome to Internet Famous, a monthly series in which we ask our Instagram followers to vote on a viral beauty product that's taken social media by storm. Then the beauty team will take the winning pick for a spin and share their reviews—pictures included.

I hope I don't alienate anyone by saying this, but I love polarizing products. I live for them. I can't live without them. And I'm not even a dramatic person! Hear me out: There are too many brands and products at my fingertips, so the commotion helps me break through the clutter. Plus, any sort of buzz makes my curiosity explode. Will I love it, hate it, or fall somewhere in the middle? Nothing can get in my way until I try the damn thing. And my latest victim is none other than the Rare Beauty Soft Pinch Tinted Lip Oil ($20).

Considering that the internet completely lost its shit over the brand's viral blush, I'm not surprised the lip oil is following in its footsteps. The jelly-like formula feels great on lips and is formulated with jojoba and sunflower-seed oils to soothe and lock in hydration while providing a noticeable pop of color. It totally surprised us—so much so that we aren't even sure we can call it an oil. Keep scrolling to hear the beauty team's take.

Katie Berohn, Beauty Editor 


(Image credit: @ktberohn)

"I have mixed feelings about the new Rare Beauty lip oil! On one hand, I think it looks so pretty and is so lightweight. On the other hand, I don't love how it wears over time. I find that it settles in my lips a bit as I wear it, and it doesn't play nicely with my other lip products like Chapstick. The colors, however, are gorgeous, and I love the glossy finish. I'll definitely continue to use this, but it's not my new favorite lip oil by any means. I used the shade Delight."

Maya Thomas, Assistant Beauty Editor 


(Image credit: @itsmayalala)

"I truly expected this lip oil to have a thick, sheer finish, but it definitely provides a more opaque color. To me, it feels and looks more similar to a non-sticky lip gloss or cream lipstick, but I'm still a fan. It was ultra moisturizing and shiny, and it gave my lips a really nice minty tingle after application. I tried the shade Serenity, a gorgeous deep-rose shade perfect for that no-makeup makeup look I'm always after."

Kaitlyn McLintock, Associate Beauty Editor 


(Image credit: @kaitlyn_mclintock)

"I expected this to be a true lip oil that has a sheer finish and a honey-like texture, but it's not. Instead, it provides more opaque color than other lip oils I've tried, and the formula has a nice lightweight slip to it. If anything, I'd put this one somewhere between a tinted balm and a cream lipstick. It seems like a good lip oil for people who don't love traditional lip oils. I, for one, love the moisture it gives my lips and the minty tingle that hits a couple of seconds after application."

Emma Walsh, Associate Beauty Editor


(Image credit: @emma.walsh)

"Initially, I was intrigued by the cooling jelly-like formula, but then, it turned into a moisturizing oil with impressive color payoff. I tried the shade Happy, and it added a natural-looking pop of color to my lips that brightened up my whole face. Between the cooling gel formula, lightweight moisture, and kiss of color, it's truly the perfect summer lippie."

Aniyah Morinia, Editor 


(Image credit: @aniyahmorinia)

"I own a lot of lip oils, but none of them feel quite like oil. They're either too glossy or too watery. But I could actually feel the oil properties of this one, and it still didn't make my lips feel super slippery. I'd describe this as the perfect combination of hydration and tint. I tested the shade Happy, which applies as a very light pink and later turns into a deeper pink shade. It beautifully stains the lips and doesn't require my typical brown liner, which I consider a major plus. Happy gets five stars from me."

Caitie Schlisserman, Sr. Beauty Director, Branded Content


(Image credit: @c__bellamy)

"While I do love me a lip oil, I'm actually surprised this is marketed as one. It honestly feels more like a stain with a hint of shine. That being said, I still really like it! The jelly-like consistency feels great, and the color has some serious staying power that gives my lips this I-just-ate-a-popsicle tint that I'm a true sucker for. I think as long as you're down for a product that feels more like a stain than an oil, you won't be disappointed by it. The formula actually reminds me of one of my favorite K-Beauty products: Peripera Ink the Velvet ($10)."

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Group Executive Director, Branded Content and Beauty

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