5 Muslim Beauty Insiders Share Their Ramadan Skincare Routines

Muslims across the globe will embark on a spiritual journey for the holy month of Ramadan. Beauty routines, haircare and normality are pushed to the side for 30 days of daily fasting from dawn til dusk. Most importantly, for practising Muslims, the month is a time to slow down, reconnect and realign spiritually. It's an all-encompassing transformative month and can often mean that daily routines take a back seat. 

I've been fasting for Ramadan for many years, and my beauty routine has become increasingly important, to the point where I would even go as far as to say it is an act of self-care. I will admit, though, that it can be quite difficult to stay on top of my regular and extensive routine across the month, as I typically strip everything back and keep things super simple during Ramadan. This is essentially what Ramadan is about—embracing and valuing the simplicity of life.


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For me, it's not the eating and drinking that impacts me the most—it's the sleep. As a light sleeper, even the slightest change to my routine completely throws my pattern off-balance. But this year, I'm prepped for the best sleep possible. My beauty heroes begin with my good-sleep tools, from a new mattress to bedding, all of which have been meticulously selected, of course. For my skincare routine, less is definitely more, and during Ramadan, I turn to my trusted products that always come through. 

Scroll on to discover the hero beauty and skincare products that I rely on during Ramadan as well as those of my fellow Muslim beauty insiders.

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For makeup, again, simplicity is key, so during Ramadan, I turn to products I could apply with my eyes closed (quite literally!). Anything lightweight and natural looking gets the green light from me during this time. 

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Sidra Imtiaz, Freelance Beauty Journalist and PR


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"For Ramadan, I usually turn to hydrating and nourishing products for my skin to ensure it doesn't become dry from lack of water. This includes a hyaluronic acid, such as the Paula's Choice Hyaluronic Acid Booster, layered under my moisturiser and usually a hair mask used throughout the week. I'm currently enjoying the Sisley Restructuring Nourishing Balm, which I leave on throughout the day before washing my hair. I also really love scenting the home throughout the month to create a calm, peaceful space. My favourite way to do this is adding a few drops of essential oil to the Neom Wellbeing Pod."

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Manal, Beauty Content Creator and Brand Founder


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"Ramadan can completely change your whole routine. [With] a slow-paced period, as a mum, I find that I have very little time for beauty. So I need products that are quick and deliver, with the main goal being efficiency. My arsenal of products are made up of Beauty Pie's hyaluronic acid spray, Caudalie's Vinosource-Hydra Serum, and Laneige's sleeping mask. These products help reinforce hydration and help my skin to feel hydrated and plump. I may be skipping the water intake, but my skin's thirst is most definitely quenched. Another essential is my Chinutay & Co Prayer Gown. It feels incredible on the skin, and it's the easiest put-together gown for Ramadan days.

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Farrah Gray, Beauty PR 


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"Hydration is key! My lips get super dry during Ramadan, so my top tip is to use a rich, nourishing overnight lip mask. My absolute favourite is Laneige, especially the latest gummy bear flavour. It can also be used throughout the day as a regular moisturising treatment. For overall hydration, a facial mist works wonders. During Ramadan when skin can feel tight and fatigued, a spritz of Zelens's Provitamin D3 Fortifying Mist can provide a much-needed 'drink' for thirsty skin. Not only will it hydrate, but it can also refresh and revitalise your skin throughout the day."

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Nassima Iggoute, Freelance Beauty Writer


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"Whenever Ramadan is approaching, I begin to tailor my skincare in preparation for any skin issues that may arise. Typically during Ramadan, my skin is a lot drier, which actually causes breakouts. I used to even avoid any retinoids, as I felt my skin could not tolerate them while fasting, but this Ramadan, I'll be using my Skin Rocks Retinoid 2 Vitamin A Face Serum containing effective ingredients such as 0.5% hydroxypinacolone retinoate and 0.05% retinal in a gentle formula that gives no irritation or dryness.

"Throughout the winter months but also in Ramadan, I'll be reaching for my Farmacy Honey Halo Ultra-Hydrating Ceramide Moisturiser, which is packed with honey and shea butter and offers intense moisture for dry and distressed skin. Finally, the disruption of sleep and lack of hydration causes my skin to become dull during Ramadan, so I'll be reaching for my Indē Wild AM Sunrise Glow Serum. Packed with potent actives and paired with Ayurvedic superfoods, this serum gives my skin the nourishment it needs, resulting in a beautiful, radiant glow."

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