People Always Stop Me in the Street When I Wear This Fashion Item

True story: While in NYC this past weekend and walking from the Flatiron to SoHo with my husband, mid-NoHo, he told me that every woman walking by had stared at my bag. "Is it really cool or something?" he asked. His endearing reaction aside, this confirmed to me that the number one fashion item I wear that even strangers want to know about is my quirky, unique, frequently rotating handbag collection. (In the most recent case, it was the Staud Shirley bag.) 

I love a neutral, versatile bag as much as the next girl, but in recent years, I've been gravitating to more whimsical styles. As a result, I get questions, stares, and compliments from friends and strangers alike on a very regular basis. While compliments are great, what I most love about carrying a quirky handbag is that I don't feel the need to try quite as hard to come up with an exciting outfit when I just can't. Also worth noting: These unique bags don't need a designer label (and the price tag to go along with it) to be cool. Case in point: The It bag of summer 2018 is made of beads and rings in under $300. Not only that, but quirky bags are very Instagrammable, which you're about to see proof of. 

Below, see my quirky bag collection in action and shop some of my current favorite styles.