I'm a Beauty Editor, and These Are the Easy Hairstyles I Wear on Repeat

I may write about beauty for a living, but I'm in no way someone who enjoys spending a ton of time on her own look. That's especially true when it comes to hair (which is why I decided to cut a whole lot of mine off about three years ago, and I've been living my best lob life ever since). My hair mood is sort of this balance between looking put-together enough that no one can tell I only wash this mop about twice a week but also effortless and relaxed. Think French-girl-meets-California-girl vibes (at least that's what I'm going for).

I'm also deeply impatient and only have so many hair skills in my toolbox, so ultimately, when it comes to my everyday hairstyles, I consistently rely on about seven looks, which I switch up depending on the amount of time on my hands and the level of grease I'm working with. Regardless, each of the following hairstyles (which would also work on long hair!), takes no longer than 10 minutes to execute on my straight, fine hair. Keep scrolling to see a lazy beauty editor's seven favorite everyday hairstyles.