The Pyramid Rule Every Stylish Person Secretly Knows

Sure, we all have wardrobes. But what about the perfect wardrobe? Yes, everyone's different, and everyone ultimately defines "perfect" in different ways, but if you're really looking for the ideal, well-balanced closet that resembles those of the most stylish ladies out there, you need to know about the "pyramid rule."

Following this theory is the simplest way to ensure your wardrobe is stocked with all of the essential pieces you need in your everyday life. Essentially, you need to think about your closet like a food pyramid, where various categories are weighted differently, depending how crucial they are.

For example, basics (jeans, classic blouses, pumps, etc.) are of utmost importance because they're the foundation of your look. Therefore, your closet should be filled with more pieces from this group than others. And it goes up from there.

Keep scrolling to check out the full breakdown, and see which percentages of your closet should be made up of different types of items. Go on, you'll have the best wardrobe in no time.

Will you test out this theory when you're building your perfect wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below!

Opening Images: A Love Is Blind