5 Foolproof Ways to Master a Print-on-Print Look

Although I work in fashion for a living and spend my days trying to help others master trends and outfit ideas, I have to admit that the idea of mixing prints is a little stressful. It just feels like there are so many ways it could go wrong and so few ways it could go right that the odds are stacked against success—and that’s intimidating. One way I’ve found of (sort of) cheating the system is taking an tried-and-tested mixed-print outfit and simply emulating it.

Whether that’s via a celebrity sighting, a street style snap, or, in today’s case, a lookbook, there’s something about seeing it done right that’s comforting. If you feel the same way, you’ll get great utility out of today’s post: We’re looking to our very own Who What Wear collection models to show us five ways to master the look. From outfits that combine similar patterns of different scales to looks that mix florals with stripes, there’s a mixed-print ensemble out there for everyone—see and shop them below.