The Most Beautiful Princess Wedding Dresses Throughout History

When you come across the phrase princess wedding dress, a big poufy ball gown probably comes to mind, right? Well, based on our research, the actual princess wedding dresses throughout history aren't always of the poufy ball gown variety. While Princess Diana's wedding dress certainly put all poufy wedding dresses to shame (we'll refresh your memory of it below), most of the dresses worn by princesses over the years aren't actually very poufy at all. Alternatively, they run the gamut from slim, lace, and long-sleeved to off-the-shoulder and satin. You're probably familiar with a few of the below gowns (has anyone on this planet not seen Kate Middleton's dress a thousand times?), but many of the princess wedding dresses included below are significantly more under-the-radar.

Head below to see 19 stunning princess (and queen) gowns throughout history, from Queen Elizabeth II in 1947 to now.