Functional Bras That Are Just as Pretty as Bralettes

As much as we love pretty bralettes, we’ll admit that most styles are basically just for show. Still, these flimsier bra styles have undoubtedly grown substantially in popularity as of late (with the support, so to speak, of Kendall Jenner), and even push-up bra mecca Victoria’s Secret began heavily endorsing them this year.

So we’ve solidified the fact that bralettes are definitely a thing but also that they don’t work for every woman. That said, if it’s the look of a pretty, feminine bra that you want but the support of a sturdier bra that you need, we’re here for you. We diligently scoured the stocks of some of our favorite intimates brands to find you the prettiest, most functional bras around, including affordable options and others available in a wide range of sizes. Our search proved fruitful, as we affirmed that it’s entirely possible for a functional bra to still be delicate and worth showing off. We even highlighted the best functional features of each bra that we selected, to help in your decision-making process.

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Opening Image: Free People